Our country’s founders said YES!

They said YES to independence, self-governance and democracy.


This entailed saying NO to England.

You know the story, saying NO came with war, strife and sacrifice.

But we wouldn’t have America, with all its marvels and flaws without that first YES and NO.



In virtually every conversation I have with a woman attorney who wants to be free from big law, I hear this phrase…

“I want work that is fulfilling. Meaningful.”


Perhaps you also want independence and FREEDOM from a professional life that drains your soul. 

Freedom from…

  • The anxiety of making a mistake and always feeling behind.
  • Some old white guy expecting you to do the heavy lifting, and getting little to none of the credit.
  • Feeling exhausted and like you’re giving the best hours of your day to work you find boring, demanding and not meaningful.

In order to do this (and get a little more time on the beach), I invite you to become CLEAR on what you want to say YES to.

Maybe it’s YES to…

  • Catching up on sleep
  • A vacation where you don’t work
  • Relief that you are taking action to figure out what you could do next!

Here’s a gift to help you.

Watch this short (less than 5 minutes!) boundary-setting video.


Watch the video right here. It will show you how to say YES, then NO. All while maintaining the relationship.

Client Success Stories…

I want you to be like D, who after 13 years at her firm has decided she wants to leave the practice.

She’s not 100% sure what she will do yet, but she has a renewed zest and is putting energy towards HER dreams, not the firm’s goal of making her clients more money.

She’s trusting her smarts, work ethic and her ability to make it happen.

Recently, she told the partners she would not be working during her family vacation.


Or Laura – a third year who in one day told her mentoring partner that she doesn’t see herself staying long term, she’s exploring different options.

Later that afternoon, she went on a coffee date with the founder of a start-up that she’d love to work for!

Cool, right?


These women are believing in their ability to create something new.

To find a better fit.

Discovering something that gives them more fun, meaning and freedom.

You don’t have to do this alone.

In the WILL community, you drop the facade and are supported by other women creating their independence too.


Want to get out and be free from big law?

What better day than today? 

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  • Podcasts that unlock a world of possibilities
  • Courage, tools and communities to bolster you

How good would it feel to regain control of your time, career and life?

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