At the new year, many people pick a “word of the year”.  For a long time, the word “expectations” had a bum rap in my book.

I once heard someone say: “Expectations are planned disappointments.”

This is especially true when we expect other people to behave as we would like, rather than they actually do!

But I’ve been thinking about expectations for ourselves…

Expectations contain our hopes, dreams, ambition, and desires.

Expectations are a source of motivation and drive to hold ourselves to our highest vision for who we are and what we want.

In that spirit, write down three things you expect for YOU and your life.

  • Might it be to have a baby? (That was a huge one for me.)
  • To find work that gives you meaning that you love?
  • To have more harmonious relationships with the people closest to you?

Expectations can turn into planned disappointments if we don’t pay attention nurture, love up, and take action on them.

Write down what your expectations are whispering to you.  Without judgement or criticizing yourself. Just notice.

For bonus points, pick a word(s) of the year. Read more about that here.

My words for 2018 coincide with my initials… EFD – Easy. Fun. Do.


Where there is a WILL there is a way. Let’s get you on your way.

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