The “Best of 2017” lists are starting to come out. It’s a year, where we need to focus on the good things, and keep fighting the bad.

Here are a few of my favorite podcasts and mindset tools from the year:

The Happy Lawyer Project and The Resilient Lawyer Podcasts

Two of my awesome colleagues: Okeoma Moronu of The Happy Lawyer Project and Jeena Cho, of The Resilient Lawyer both got mentioned on the best of the ABA podcast list!

(Yours truly is in The Happy Lawyer project episode #049)

Check them both out!

Both provide insights and sanity to lawyers who want to be yes, more happy and resilient.

I personally love the episode where Jeena interviews Okeoma on the Resilient Lawyer.


Love or Leave the Law Podcast

I also really like the Love or Leave the Law podcast with Adam J. Oullette, Esq. and Casey Berman.

Adam is an author and founder of and Casey Berman is the founder of They tackle the struggles of making life changes that will help you optimize your legal practice, or guide you on your path out of the law and into an alternative “non-law” career.

I love how you get two real-life perspectives, sometimes at odds with each other. It’s a great way to broaden your thinking about your options as an attorney.  Check them out too!


Magic Lessons Podcast

If you’re wanting to tap into your creativity and get over your fear‘s, there’s nothing like some big magic from Elizabeth Gilbert. Her podcast is called Magic Lessons and I highly you recommend Season Two!

In this podcast, she offers wisdom and advice to artists trying to overcome creative obstacles. With guests like Neil Gaiman, Gary Shteyngart, Amy Purdy, Michael Ian Black, Brandon Stanton, and Martha Beck, the insights are real for real people.

Be sure to check out 207: Living the Dream and Facing the Nightmare – Elizabeth Gilbert advises Britta, a former lawyer-turned- writer in Amsterdam struggling to make progress on her second book.




App Recommendation: Calm


Download Calm Free!
The Apple Store’s app of the year is called “Calm”.

It’s a meditation app that encourages us to take a deep breath.

It’s too bad we need an app to remind us of that, but often we do.

I’ve had clients tape a Post-it note to their computers that say “breathe”. With this excellent app on your phone, you can take a short mindfulness session anywhere and any time you need a moment to breathe.


Happy reading and listening!

Keep breathing, listening and learning as we roll into 2018!





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