I know you’re hardly kicking back on the beach, making your way through the latest Oprah Book Club selection.  So here are a few quick-nuggets-of-wisdom kind of reading (and listening!) for you. These books and podcasts have been whipping my mind and to-do list into action:


You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero

If you have yet to discover Sincero’s hilarious, profound NY Times bestselling book, I highly recommend it. This one stop, mindset-reset guide, has the power to get you clear while laughing, thinking, and doing

Chapters and sections are short.  You could take a small bite and chew on it for a long time.  Here’s one…

“Really listen to how you speak and pay attention to what you do, and make a conscious effort to increase your joy in whatever capacity you can… It’s about being proactive about creating a life you love instead of meekly living the one you think you’re stuck with. Give yourself the gift of a joyous life while you’re still among the living.”

If audio books are your thing, I love having her in my head via Audible.  She’s a smart and funny narrator, and of course, a total badass.


Life After Law by Liz Brown

Liz Brown, former big law partner turned professor and author, covers mindset, job seeking gems and inspirational case studies in this practical and heartfelt resource.

Very few associates have significant job hunting experience. Most went from college to law school, to summer, to junior, mid-level and senior associate.

Hence, I love Chapter 6: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Informational Interview. Brown shares specific step-by-step guidance from initial contact to the follow-up. Plus, she includes how lawyers have an advantage at this stage.

“One way to think of informational interviews is as a form of research. Your job in an informational interview is to come prepared with a few open-ended questions that will help you learn what the other person’s job, company, school, or field is like.”

More than half the book is filled with case studies, sharing specifics about how people made their transition, both emotionally and financially. My favorite is about a woman who went from partner to an interior designer who was featured in the New York Times.


The Happy Lawyer Project Podcast

Okeoma Moronu is a practicing lawyer who interviews lawyers, coaches and others who share the mission of helping lawyers live a happier life.

It’s a great place to hear how the variety of ways lawyers are creating more fulfilling lives. One favorite… the guy who hung up his own shingle in Belize!

Be on the lookout for an episode featuring yours truly! Should air later in August.

The Happy Lawyer Project


Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts

This one is for the Harry Potter fans in the house:  Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.

The two hosts met through Harvard Divinity School and bring the practice of sacred text reading from different religious traditions, to the books. Chapter by chapter, they pick universal themes, such as friendship, courage, loss; and read the text through that lens.

With both lighthearted, and loving discussion, plus integrated listener comments, they discover new meaning in the story and bring the characters to life at a whole new level.

Happy reading and listening!

And please share in the comments. What have you been reading/listening to, and being inspired by?


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