Saying something is simple does not mean it’s easy. Running a marathon is simple. Pretty straightforward. Right?

But not easy.

Changing your mindset about what is possible, falls into that simple but not easy category. That’s why I focus on mindset tools.

As my mom used to say while reaching for a spatula to scrape the frosting out of the mixing bowl, “Use the right tool for the right job”.

Here are some of my favorite go-to mindset tools.
I offer them to help make whatever you’re cooking up inside that mind of yours a little sweeter.

1. Progress, not perfection.
What I love about this phrase is that implicitly it asks us to be gentle with ourselves. Perfectionism is a whole lot of heaviness that holds us back, plus, it’s unattainable.

As my son likes to say, “Perfection doesn’t exist.”

Whether you agree with that or not – try it out. How does it feel?

If we think about it that way, it lets us off the hook, gives a little relief.
All we can do is make a little progress then.

Which takes us to tool #2…

2. What story are you telling yourself?
At the core of this is remembering that we are the narrators of our internal story.

Too often we say things to ourselves that are negative, hurtful and harsh. We would NEVER speak like this to a friend or someone we love.

However, you get to choose to re-write this dialogue.

3. What other story can you tell yourself?
Instead of whatever negative “can’t” story that’s on repeat, try telling yourself a new one.

Start with these:
“I can….”
“I love… ”
“I believe…”

Check to make sure the new story is hopeful and empowering. If it doesn’t feel expansive and exciting, give it a re-write.

When the negative thoughts return, go back to #1 and repeat.

Progress, not perfection.

See, it’s pretty simple. Not easy. But like a marathon – you get there – step by step.


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