It was love at first read.

I devoured an excerpt from Eat, Pray, Love even before the book came out. The sentence: “Italian, a language more beautiful than roses,” had me hook, line, and sinker.

I had studied Italian in high school and understood in my soul what Gilbert said. I traveled through India, Indonesia, and Italy during my 20’s, and her soul-searching travelogue brought memories back to life.

Today I find more inspiration from her than ever. I read her books and listen to (and recommend!) her podcasts: “Magic Lessons”. I take tremendous inspiration from her words of life.

In WILL Online we cultivate your inner mentor and your inner superhero. One tactic is to pick an external hero or heroine, someone you admire and turn them into a source of wisdom and guidance. For me, Liz Gilbert is on my shortlist.

Now, let’s get some clarity on your own inner super heroines and tips on how to cultivate them:

1. Name three people you admire. It could be your mother, MIchelle Obama, and Amy Schumer. Anyone alive or long gone. Then write down what it is you admire about them.

2. Summon your inner Liz or Oprah. When in a quandary, need to make a decision, or feel ambivalent… ask your inner heroine: “What would you do?”

3. Listen with your heart and gut. We pay too much attention to our brains. What do other parts of yourself say? We have deep intelligence in our hearts and guts. In fact, we literally have thousands of brain cells in our hearts and our guts! Slow down and listen to them.

4. Take imperfect action. Doing something, even if it does not put you 100% where you want to be is better than doing nothing. Taking imperfect action puts you on a path where you can see opportunities you WILL NOT SEE if you stand still!

So, thank you, Liz Gilbert, for the words, the magic, the travel, and the inspiration!

Comment below and share your inner super heroes and heroines!


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