I’m done with victim blaming, and I hope you are too.

Maybe you haven’t done “it” yet.

Left the job.  Ended the relationship. Lost the weight.  Whatever your “it” is.

Can we agree not to spend any more time on “why not”?

Want to join me in looking forward?

No more looking back.  We’re not going that way.

Coaching is like driving a car.  You don’t drive a car looking through the rearview mirror.  Yes, sometimes you check it for information and to make sure you’re safe, but you drive forward.

That’s the way we are going.

This is an edge I walk in my own life and in working with WILL members: not being a victim, and claiming 100% personal responsibility.

It’s holding both AND loving ourselves with self-compassion.

Self-compassion is the key to realizing we are imperfect humans, prone to repeating mistakes, yet striving for more, always trying to do better.

Beating ourselves up for what has not yet transpired doesn’t help.
(And please don’t beat yourself up for beating yourself up. 🤣🤣)

If you want to…

  • Strut out of (big) law with confidence as you hit “send” on your goodbye email without burning bridges, securely walking into new opportunities.
  • Step into a new reality where hours pass effortlessly in flow (yes, at work!), curl up on a lazy Sunday reading for pleasure and enjoy vacations without laptops or worry.
  • Be amazed as emails, texts and LinkedIn messages appear with ideal invitations that tick all the boxes and affirm why you chose to leave your old law-life behind.

Book your call now.

WILL provides the structure, support and expert guidance.  You’ll create a plan as you regain control of your time and life.

To carry you into the new year with pride, power, and a smile on your face.

2022. Let’s go!



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