You Can Count On You

With so much uncertainty, there’s two things I’m focusing on and I invite you to also.

First, what we pay attention to grows – make sure you’re not focused too much on the negativity and the noise.

I’m holding a vision of a positive election outcome. I’m holding a vision of Kamala Harris as POTUS (yes, POTUS!) jogging down the steps of Air Force One in some awesome kicks, because that makes me happy!

I don’t tell you this to ignore what’s going on, but not to give it too much energy.

The second thing is I know there’s something for sure I can count on. I want you to count on it too…

You can count on you.



You can count on you.



I’m betting on me and I want you to bet on you. Because no matter what comes, you’ve got this. You’ve got what it takes to manage, to get through, to take care of yourself and your family.

One of the things that happens when members come into WILL is they start to dial down their inner critic, and they start to dial up protecting themselves.  They start putting themselves first. Which is a pretty radical act for women in our country.


I want you to know that you can count on you.


One of the ways we’re building and strengthening that muscle is within WILL, we’re doing a 30-Day Miracle Morning Challenge. The Miracle Morning is a book by Hal Elrod.

This is where you get up early, meditate, journal and say affirmations. (Which are positive thoughts that we tell ourselves. Because the negative thoughts are in there and you can choose…. do you want to amplify those or the positive ones?)

Elrod lays it all out in The Miracle Morning, AND we’re doing this practice within the container of our community. (If you want to play along, hit reply and let me know so that I can cheer you on!)

One WILL member said,

“I get up early, that’s not the problem. The challenge is that’s when I do two to three hours of billable work and I get it out of the way. What will I do if I don’t have that?”

We all loved on her and helped her see… what if she took 10 minutes at the beginning of the day to meditate or read, what could that give her? She said she would try.

The next day I got this message from her…

“I did it and it was totally worth it. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

I want you to know that you can count on you.


You are everything you need, and we will get through this.


I invite you to hold a positive vision for the future you want to create for yourself, for our country, for the world. With all of us doing that, it’s going to help.

PS. If you want to play along in the 30 Day Miracle Morning challenge – you can click here to get Hal Elrod’s overview.

If you are interested in doing the challenge within the WILL community (hello amazing women lawyers changing their lives with next level accountability!) you can still join us, book a call with me here.

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