I went to hear Elizabeth Gilbert read from her sexy new novel, City of Girls.

Fear, Boredom and Elizabeth Gilbert, stuck in big law

My friend Maryanne and I at reading.

Then she opened it up for questions.

I summoned my courage, got in the queue, and asked…

“I love your podcast Magic Lessons. Are you ever going to do more?” (If you haven’t checked it out, Season Two is amazing.)

Liz (since I feel like I’m on a first name basis with her) wondered aloud, “Should I tell the truth or give the nice answer?”

“The truth, of course!” I replied. 

She took a deep breath, looked me in the eye and said…

I got bored. First of all, I don’t like sitting in a little dark room with headphones on. But really, each episode was essentially the same. The thing that keeps people stuck is fear. And how many different ways can you help people overcome their fear?”

I thought…It’s true. Fear is at the root of why lawyers are stuck in big Law.

The fears that say…
  • You’re too old (or too young!) to do something different.
  • Your experience is too niche, no one will hire you.
  • What will people think – giving up a “great job” with nothing else lined up?

If you are stuck in big Law, I’d be honored to accompany you out of that echo chamber of fear and guide you to your exit.

WILL can give you tools, new ways of thinking, and surround you with other women on parallel paths who cheer YOU on.

But my dear, only you can turn the doorknob.

We all want love, meaning, and fulfillment.




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