A year ago, I marched into my local bank and opened up my WILL accounts.

After seven years with my dear friend and business partner, I went out on my own. Breaking away from him was one of the hardest things I’ve done.

But I heard my heart calling me to do something else.


Since starting I’ve served 24 women and one man, I’ve had highs and lows. Some days are lonely but more and more I am bursting with joy at WILL member breakthroughs, empowering decisions and friendships forming.


On the brink of 2019, I took a goal setting course to help me clarify want I to achieve this new year.

One of the things the instructor said was, “If you’re an entrepreneur, get crystal clear on your mission.”

I feel it’s been clear in my heart, but that inspired me to finally put it into words, and share them with you…


The mission of WILL is to end the suffering of women attorneys who feel stuck, unhappy, want to leave big law and want more meaningful careers.


WILL is both a place for lawyers who want to leave big law to dream and envision new possibilities.  Where you can drop the mask of pretending that you want to make partner or even like your work.  Where you can begin to live authentically, first within WILL and then more and more expansively.

It’s not always easy, but it is worthwhile.


For the people in your life and the internal critics in your head who dismiss dreaming and don’t think “It’s realistic” to change…

Everything, from the phone or computer you are reading this on to the coffee cup in your hand, started as an idea. The thought I had on Cape Cod for WILL has now brought you and me together.


As Gloria Steinem said, “Dreaming is a form of planning.”

If you dream of leaving your current job or a situation. Then I invite you to a conversation.


Let us use the energy of this new year to make your dreams come true.

Schedule your complimentary call.


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