I am in Atlanta this week at a retreat as part of my coaching program. Getting my mindset stretched and EXPANDED so that I can grow myself in order to serve more women (and a few men) who want to leave the law.

Last week I wrote about investing in ourselves. I make a big investment in my growth and development, in order to bring the best of myself to you, my family and the world. Every coach I know has at least one coach!

This week’s message is short – with an awesome update from the WILL Sprint Group. Here’s a message I sent them the group after TWO women announced on the call they decided to quit law.

From my email to the WILL Sprint group…

I wanted to acknowledge a couple of things:
1- Patience for yourself. Everyone is in their own place. It’s normal to feel some envy and self-doubt when someone else makes a leap.
2 – Remember – Courage is CONTAGIOUS! Tell yourself a new thought. Here’s one I use…”If they can do it so can I!”
3 – Their progress is all of ours. You are here being part of this. If as Wendy Witt, our guest said, we are most like the 5 people we hang out with… Look who you are hanging out with here! This is your leaving (big) law squad!
4 – Finally – ZERO shame in wherever you are in this process. As Brene Brown says about shame in The Gifts of Imperfections:

Shame Resilience 101

1. We all have it. Shame is universal.
2. We’re all afraid to talk about shame.
3. The less we talk about shame, the more control it has over our lives.

By talking about your shame – whether it’s negative thoughts or not being where you want to be yet – you are BLASTING shame out of you! That’s the way to make progress in leaving law.

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