Mission and Values

The mission of WILL is to end the suffering of women lawyers.

WILL Values


  • We commit to becoming present before we begin or lead any of our WILL work. This includes: community calls, coaching sessions, pod calls, team meetings, and more.
  • We pause to ground ourselves and intentionally step into the present moment.
  • We do this through positive focus, meditation or by taking deep breaths. There is no one “right” way.

Invite Possibility In

  • We don’t know what will happen in a meeting, coaching session or community call, and approach our work with curiosity and possibility.
  • We stay open to outcomes, and are not attached to them.
  • We are open to receive a spark of divine magic.

​We Intend to Make Every Interaction “WILLish”

  • Warm, Inspiring, Loving and Limitless.

Build a Process-driven Company

  • We create processes and systems that provide structure, consistency and safety for WILL members, team and alumni.
  • We are committed to clarity of communication, accepting personal responsibility, and working to improve all that we do.
  • We look for ways to simplify and help more people with ease.

Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

  • WILL is committed to inclusion and equity of all kinds, especially and not limited to: racial identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and country of origin.
  • We work to build an equitable organization through hiring, spending, discussions and training.
  • We push ourselves to be uncomfortable as we name and work to overcome internalized and systemic barriers, judgements and -isms.

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