There was going to be a WILL retreat Santa Fe in May.

Now the world has turned upside down. 

We’ve been gifted this opportunity to slow down, for stillness, yet it’s hard to do.   Hours dissolve into work (that you don’t even want to do), a Netflix binge or scroll through Instagram that leaves you feeling worse.  You are scared and confused about what’s to come.  You can’t focus and feel you are wasting this opportunity.  

If you feel more grounded, less alone and open to possibility when you get off a WILL call…

 JOIN US for the WILL Virtual Retreat – May 8th and 9th!

You are invited to

  • Band together with others 
  • Go deeper in your WILL work
  • Nurture your ideas and dreams
  • Beat back doubts, fears and the “you should just be grateful” voices 
  • Create something new, true and beautiful for your life during this time

    During the Virtual Retreat we will…

    Do amazing work that helps you now and beyond. 

    Release the “should”, the ”I can’t” and unlock the bravest, strongest part of yourself.

    Remember “You’re a goddam cheetah!”

    Have fun, connect with other WILL members

    Revel in this community where you are loved and upheld. 


    Dates & Times

    Friday, April 26th – 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT

    Intention & boundary setting call  

    Friday, May 8thDay 1: 10 am – 1pm ET / 7 – 10 am PT

    Greet, Ground and Unlock – The Four Keys from Untamed

    Saturday, May 9thDay 2: 10 am – 1pm ET / 7 – 10 am PT

    Fuel & Nurture with Radical Compassion

    All the Info

    • Register for $397 until April 26th.
    • Last chance to register is April 26th (***Please note the change in registration deadline!)
    • Additional surprises and delights!


    Hi beautiful WILL woman,

    Last year’s retreat sometimes seems like a dream. It was a heightened experience of love, connection, and releasing work.

    While I grieve and we reschedule our time in Santa Fe, this provides an opportunity for more of you to join us for a dive into a deeply transformative experience.

    My intention is to create as loving, connected and profound retreat as if we were together in person.   

    More will be explained on the April 26th intention setting call.   

    We will weave together the liberating “Keys”  from Glennon Doyle’s Untamed with the grounding work of Tara Brach’s Radical Compassion, so you exit the retreat both grounded and aflame!

    We will laugh, cry and dance around the Zoom campfire!  I promise an amazing experience. 

     – Elena 

    During and after the retreat…

    • Unlock parts of you that you earn to be free

    • Leap forward in your ideas of what’s possible

    • Burn old memos of who you “should“ be and NOT be consumed in the fire

    • Liberate part of you that’s poised to spring into action

    • Be grounded in self-compassion, and on fire with creation!

    If you feel a “YES!” in you heart… join us!  

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