You know deep in your heart you want something ELSE other than big firm life.

You’re not sure whether you want to leave the law or not.  It’s okay if that’s not clear yet.

You ARE CLEAR on this…

  • You can’t wait another year and then another.
  • Now is the time to take action.

You’ve decided.

You just need help to figure out what to do next, structure and support to make it happen.

WILL Sprint does this. Let’s talk.

Because you don’t want to run a marathon.  

You want to take quick, consistent action.

You don’t want stay put and look back in a few years from now WISHING you had moved swiftly and decisively.

During WILL Sprint, focus your time and energy on YOU.  Remember her?  The person, the body, the heart, mind and soul you’ve been gifted on this trip round the sun?

What does she want? 

I want to hear…

Schedule a conversation with me so we can get you zipping out of big law.