Stuck and miserable in (big) law?

Ready to make a move and not sure how to do it?

Let’s get you into work you LOVE, even if you doubt it’s possible! 

Are you sick and tired of…


Waking up with your phone next to your head and a knot in your stomach.


Ruined weekends and interrupted vacations.


Missing events that are important to you.


Being so distracted that you're checked out with loved ones.


People saying "You can do anything with a law degree" when you don't know what else you can do.

On your worst days, you fear this is it for the rest of your life.

You want work that’s fulfilling AND be able to have a life.  

But you don’t know how to make that happen.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

No matter what you think now, it’s certainly possible for you to have a
thriving career that affords you a life you can enjoy!

Instead of trying to figure this out on your own (and not making as much progress as you’d like), remove the guesswork, enjoy a proven process and make this faster and easier.

Read on…!

What if I told you that it’s totally possible for you to…

You wake up every day, excited and happy,
Eager to get out of bed and go to work.

At the end of the day you’re present and have energy for the people you love most.

You enjoy weekends and take vacations without your laptop.

You go to book club, dinner with friends or a concert without worrying about missed emails or getting “back online”.

This isn’t an unattainable DREAM or only available to other people,

This CAN BE your reality, too!

It’s 150% possible for you to have work that’s meaningful, fulfilling
and even fun! 
Your life can be so much better!


The ONLY program (that we know of) EXCLUSIVELY for women attorneys. 

This is for you if you’re done with work misery and ready to have a career you love!  

In WILL Transform you get…

Clarity for new possibilities, either within, or outside of law.

Step-by-step guidance for how to make this transition with confidence.

The ability to set boundaries, stop work at reasonable hour, and enjoy your evening, without logging back on later.

 WILL Success Stories

I, like a lot of other lawyers,
get stuck in my head and go down that
rabbit hole of despair, inaction and self-doubt.
WILL forces the time and investment
that otherwise isn’t going to happen.
– Jenny, Las Vegas


When we started, I had no framework for how to
approach the conundrum of what to do with my career.
Now I have a lot more confidence. I’ve decided to leave my firm
and I’m coming from a place of clarity and belief in myself.

– Angela, San Francisco


I recommend WILL to people who like me can benefit from a
for approaching the question of what to do next.
When you pay for it, you carve out the time to do the work.

– C.D., San Francisco


I hadn’t thought about my “inner critic”
and the harsh things I was saying to myself.
Now I monitor the voice that tells me
what I ‘should‘ do as opposed to
what I WANT to do!
Karen, New York City


Before WILL I was thinking ‘What’s wrong with me?’,
but NOW I KNOW, it’s this job that’s wrong for me.

– Gwen, Washington, DC


Hi, I’m Elena Deutsch!

I’ve helped hundred of women lawyers, like YOU, get out of (big) law and into roles that feed their souls, and make them good money.  Some stay within the law in a new way, others do something different! 

Not a lawyer myself, my lawyer-who-got-disbarred-father’s example caused me to pass on law school and veer into public health, training and coaching.   After I became a coach, I attracted lawyers who wanted greater career fulfillment and alignment.

While coaching for AmLaw 100 firms, I saw women lawyers expected to always be available, work ridiculous hours, become anxious, worn down and lose their confidence.  This did not sit well in my deeply feminist bones.

I believe you can shed the “shoulds,” be free from the patriarchal B.S. of firm life, and have a thriving career that’s fulfilling, meaningful and has you waking up with a smile on your face!

Hi, I’m Elena Deutsch!

I’ve helped hundred of women lawyers, like YOU, get out of (big) law and into roles that feed their souls, and make them good money.  Some stay within the law in a new way, others do something different! 

Not a lawyer myself, my lawyer-who-got-disbarred-father’s example caused me to pass on law school and veer into public health, training and coaching.   After I became a coach, I attracted lawyers who wanted greater career fulfillment and alignment.

While coaching for AmLaw 100 firms, I saw women lawyers expected to always be available, work ridiculous hours, become anxious, worn down and lose their confidence.  This did not sit well in my deeply feminist bones.

I believe you can shed the “shoulds,” be free from the patriarchal B.S. of firm life, and have a thriving career that’s fulfilling, meaningful and has you waking up with a smile on your face!

WILL Transform guides you through the EASE Formula:


  • Identify YOUR transferable skills, interests, values.
  • Clarify and protect your priorities (for your work and life.)
  • Know what you want and create YOUR unique checklist!


  • Finally, answer the question “What else can I do?”
  • Be excited and inspired by your list.
  • Prioritize top options to focus on and research.

STUDY & Secure

  • Strategically research top possibilities.
  • Conduct due diligence and confirm (or refute) ideas.
  • Use templates/proven strategies to open doors and have offers come your way!


  • Take consistent action that starts to snowball!
  • Shift your mindset and go by the adage: “progress, not perfection.”
  • Create momentum as you free yourself from fear and procrastination!

Over six-months, make your career change with confidence, when you’re supported by the the WILL Transform Course, Coaching & Community. 


“WILL Transform has been irreplaceable, invaluable and empowering.

It gave me clarity and I no longer felt like I was just flapping my fins in the water. I didn’t have to do it by myself.”

Destiny, Kansas City


WILL Transform guides you step-by-baby-step to discover what else you can do


6 Modules contain bite-sized videos (around 7-minutes each), articles and worksheets help you discover fulfilling and satisfying new work


Easily access the course on any device or the Teachable App

Plus, you get LIFETIME ACCESS. We’re here for you.

The WILL Transform Course guides step-by-step to have fulfilling work you love:

Kickoff: Your Relief Now Toolkit

  • Plug your energy leaks with one of Harvard Business Review’s top articles
  • Learn to set (and easily enforce) brand-new boundaries
  • Reduce your anxiety and regain calm

Module 1: Quell Your Inner Critic & Discover Your Inner Champion

  • Stop the Inner Critics, Debbie-Doubters, and Anxious Amys from running the show
  • Discover your Top 5 StrengthsFinder talents and leverage them immediately
  • Learn the foundational mindset tool that will change the rest of your life (promise!)

Module 2: Elements - Panning for Gold, Part 1

  • Assess your top transferable skills and interests
  • Claim the specifics of what you want (and believe it’s possible to attain them)
  • Anchor in the changes you are making

Module 3: Elements - Panning for Gold, Part 2

  • FINALLY have an answer to the question of “What else can I do?”
  • Compile your top Skills, Interests, Values, and Specifics into your unique checklist!
  • Brainstorm top *new* possibilities – that align with who you are and what you want

Module 4: Prioritize Your New Possibilities

  • Easily prioritize your list of new possibilities
  • Know exactly where to focus and begin your research
  • Enjoy guidance from your Inner Mentor, Elena, and the WILL Community

Module 5: Study - Open Doors to New Possibilities

  • Demystify informational interviews once and for all
  • Overcome the fear that you’ll be “bothering” people {templates help}
  • Enjoy mind-blowing opportunities that appear seemingly out of the blue

Module 6: Engage - Activate Your Action Plan

  • Put your plan into ACTION   
  • Experience your Ideal Day in real life!
  • Reflect & celebrate how far you’ve come with joy, pride, and glee!


WILL Transform is NOT just an online course.

Enjoy personal 1:1 LIVE support.

Your dedicated WILL Coach is there to support you every step of the way.

Get unstuck and receive real-time answers to your questions.

Have the accountability of your coaching sessions to pull you forward.

Track your progress and create your exit plan.

Receive LIVE coaching on our biweekly Community Calls led by Elena or a WILL Coach.


“I thought she was in my head! On the Community Calls and in WILL, I see I’m not the only one… and that I’m not crazy.” 

– Meghan, New York

In addition to your 1:1 coaching, participate in LIVE Community Calls twice a month.

Have LIFETIME ACCESS to our *private* Facebook Group

Connect with supportive WILL Members & Alumni all over the country and world.

Increase your network exponentially!

Participate in twice monthly community calls with other women who get you, facilitated by Elena or a WILL Coach.

Invitations to special events, private sessions, and Meetups

If you want more accountability, we’ll pair you up with an Accountability Buddy in the Community. 

You’ll support each other to implement what you learn in the course, cheering each other on and celebrating each step!

In the WILL Community, you see there’s nothing wrong with you. 

You don’t have to do this by yourself. 

WILL Testimonials

“In WILL Transform, I leaned into my interests. I love learning new things, and that’s when I’m happiest. I had just gotten into Formula 1 racing, and I sensed that there was an entire ocean that I could just dive into and never get tired of.

I applied to graduate school for mechanical engineering and got accepted to my top choice schools!! Through WILL Transform, I’ve gained the confidence to go forward and use mindset tools.

I’ve been able to push through a lot of fear, and learned that sometimes you just have to do it, even if it’s scary. I’ve now landed a NASA internship! ”

– Rene, Houston, TX

Hear where Destiny’s was before and after her time in WILL Transform

Hear about Leah’s WILL journey (Part 1)

Hear about Leah’s WILL journey (Part 2)

Hear about Leah’s WILL journey (Part 3)

Hear Stacy’s journey as a single mom working in big law for eight years and being in-house for 16 years of where she is now 3 months into WILL Transform.

If you’re thinking, “I’m a smart woman.  I should be able to figure this out on my own.”

Of course you’re smart, hardworking and accomplished!

However…how has it been going for you?

When it come to making BIG transitions it’s efficient, easier and more fun when you…

    • Have a proven, step-by-step process and discover what else you can do.
    • Learn how to leave (big) law with confidence so you can hit “send” on your goodbye email without burning bridges, securely walking into new opportunities.
    • Silence inner critics, and know there’s nothing wrong with you for wanting to make a change,

You can free yourself faster.   

Imagine what will happen if you do nothing…

Women who join WILL Transform often say…

“If I don’t make a change, nothing good will happen. I have to do something!”

Ask yourself…

“Do I want to come to the end of another week, month or year and still be in the same situation that I am now?”

Finally love your work!

Your time is your own.

Hours at work pass effortlessly. You feel satisfied.

You love the impact you make, the work you do, and the money earn.

At the end of the day, you shut your laptop and leave work at the office. ​​

You relish time to cook a healthy meal, take a bath without answering emails from the tub, and connect with your sweetheart.

On weekends, spend time as you wish! You curl on a lazy Sunday and read for pleasure.

You do fun things that you didn’t have time for since before you became a lawyer.

On vacations, once you put your “Out of Office” message on, you’re free to go.

You’re NOT expected to check emails or work while you’re away.

(No more “Sunday Scaries” or dread for the week ahead.)

Plus, you sleep soundly all night long!

(No more jolting awake with a shot of anxiety, drafting emails in your head, or worrying that you made some career crippling mistake.)


Have a career you finally LOVE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be in big law to join WILL Transform?

A: No. We work with women lawyers in ALL kinds of practice areas: small, medium and big law, in-house, government and private practice. Many WILL Members have already made a lateral move or gone in-house and are still unhappy. Others have taken a break from the law to raise kids, care for loved ones or a leave of absence to protect their own mental health. If you’re a woman lawyer, we’re here for you! Note: we also work with men and non-binary people.

Q: Do I have to leave (big) law to join WILL Transform?

A:  No. About 60-65% of WILL Members continue practicing law in their next role. It might be an in-house job, starting their own practice, or going to a new firm.  

Some choose to stay at current firms too, and it becomes an intentional, proactive decision! WILL Members often do this while they explore something else, have a baby, develop a side business, or enroll in training or certification programs.  

Others take a leave of absence or time off to recuperate. You’ve invested a lot in becoming a lawyer. In WILL Transform, we help you leverage your resume for a role that feels like it “ticks all the boxes.” That might be in law or something else entirely.

Q: How quickly can I expect to change career paths?

A: Of course, as a lawyer might say, “It depends!” 

Often within six months WILL Transform Members are actively looking for something new.  

When you start and begin the Welcome & Foundations Module (which you gain access to immediately upon registration), you…

  • Immediately change how you manage your time and energy
  • Set and enforce new boundaries so you experience space and peace
  • Begin making decisions that prioritize your mental health and physical well-being 

Experience immediate RELIEF and replenish your ENERGY! 

Then, use your WILL journey to focus and make a plan that helps you move out of (big) law as quickly as possible, if that’s what you want.

A note about this: Most firms don’t want to lose you. Most WILL Members don’t want to rage-quit. 

If you really need time to look for a new role OR recuperate your physical and mental health, you might be able to take a leave of absence. (Many WILL Members have done this, and we have resources in the WILL Transform Course and Community to help.)

Members often come to WILL depleted, exhausted, and physically and mentally at the edge… 

In WILL Transform, you begin to make decisions that are based on what will be best for your mind, body, and spirit.   

Q: How long will the program take?

A: WILL Transform is a six-month program. That said, you can go faster if you’d like!

When you choose the pay-in-full option, you can have the complete course opened to you.  The course content is designed to drip out every few weeks, but if you want to go faster, just let us know!

Every Member’s WILL journey is different (some move quickly, some more slowly). Most Members, however, require the full six-months to move through and implement the complete course.

Please Note: You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the Course,  so you can return to the content as necessary.

Q: How much time should I expect to dedicate to WILL Transform each week?

A: In general, 1-2 hours per week is enough to make amazing progress!

But let’s look at what’s under this question…that you won’t have time to dedicate to it because work is so busy.  

That’s part of how (big) law is DESIGNED: to keep you in fear that you’re behind, beholden, and so busy you don’t feel you can do anything else.

You are here because you KNOW you don’t want to keep living like this!

If you want that badly enough, can you dedicate a couple of hours a week to saying NO to them and YES to yourself (we’ll show you how as soon as you get started). 

The choice is yours.

Time is our most valuable commodity. You can never buy more time! 

WILL Transform provides the structure, support, and community to help you prioritize yourself. 

Trust your gut. If you want out, can you put some time in?

One of the perks we hear from Members & Alumni is that WILL gives them time back, they feel better and their relationships improve. Members share that they’re a better mom, sister, daughter, spouse and friend. 

Q: I’m only a junior associate, and I already hate it. I’m scared because I fear I may be giving up on law too soon. Is WILL Transform for me?

A: If you hate your work in (big) law and want to figure out what else you could do, NOW is the time to figure this out.  Why wait or waste more time?

Start now before you get in even deeper.

Long-term Members & Alumni often tell the junior associate WILL Members to consider themselves lucky! Many WILL Members wish they had your clarity earlier. 

Maybe you’re worried about the money you’ve already “sunk” into this career. Instead think about how you’re “sinking” your time and energy into a career you hate! (And you don’t have to – anymore.) 

You can always change your mind – or do something different.

This is YOUR life.  (Your “one wild and precious life,” as Mary Oliver says).

In WILL Transform, you learn to TRUST yourself. You learn to make clear, intentional, and proactive decisions. 

You don’t have to stay because you think you ‘should.’ You don’t have to stay because you’re afraid of letting other people down. This course, coaching, and community will help you get clear about your priorities, and take action towards what you really want.

The bottom line: The only time we have is the present. If you want to speed up your journey to clarity, new possibilities, and joy… you can begin NOW.

Q: I’m a long-time practitioner of law. Can I really make a change?

A: If you believe it, you can do it. It’s never too late for ANYONE. 

If you’re thinking, “I’m too old. There’s nothing else I know how to do. No one wants to hire an overqualified lawyer,” consider this…

WILL Transform helps you create new beliefs that fuel your energy, inspire new action, and achieve different results! That’s how you’ll make progress within the program.

One thirty year equity partner left her firm and is now teaching Montessori kindergarten! Another is still practicing, but since the pandemic, she works remotely, from her beautiful home space (she almost NEVER goes into the office) and has begun writing a book from her soul.

Plus we provide additional support for “longtime” lawyers (over 15 years in practice).  

If you want the last years of your career to be more meaningful, fulfilling, and aligned or to answer the deep calling within you, NOW is the time.  

Q: What if I can’t attend the Community Calls?

A:  All Community Calls are recorded (you receive the call recording on the next day).   

One Member, who made great progress, never attended a single live call – and the recordings were her favorite part of the program!   

Members who make the most progress quickly attend and participate in the Community Calls live – or they listen to the recordings. They ask questions, offer support for each other, and receive coaching to see new perspectives.

Consider this a boundary-setting practice: Block the Community Call time in your calendar and protect it fiercely! 

Instead of seeing whether you can attend day-of, we encourage you to put the time on your calendar and tell people you’re not available then.

This is a boundary you will practice setting. 

It gives you an opportunity to prioritize saying “YES!” to yourself first… and “NO” to the firm demands of your time and energy.

(As soon as you enroll, you’ll learn this boundary-setting technique!)

Q: I'm worried someone in my professional circle will see me on the calls. Is this program confidential?

A: Confidentiality is essential to the WILL Transform program. It’s a top value for us and our Members. Every WILL member signs a confidentiality agreement in order to participate.

Also, you can be anonymous on the live calls. We meet via Zoom, so you can change your name or even choose not turn on your video.

If you have additional questions or concerns about this, please email  We’re happy to provide you with details to ease this major concern.  


Q: What if I want more personalized coaching? What if I’m not done at the end of six months?

A:  As you near the end of the six months, you’ll receive information about how easy it is to continue with Community Calls and/or additional individual coaching. 


Q: What do WILL Members go on to do after the program?

A: Immediately following WILL Transform, past Members and Alumni have gone on to…

  • Work in epic real estate development managing large-scale projects
  • Create a hybrid law/business role in a start-up specializing 
  • Start a long-desired graduate program (in fields like mechanical engineering & nutrition science)
  • Move to a non-legal role within the same firm in learning & development or knowledge management
  • Leave their current law firm for a smaller, kinder practice
  • Start blogging (on the side and for income!)
  • Launch a brand new business (in fields like astrology & health coaching)
  • Take writing workshops & art classes
  • Stay at their current firm but with a PLAN and an entirely new outlook on life, making the most of the firm salary by saving money & paying off loans… all while taking big steps toward the dream life they clarified in WILL 

WILL has helped women take action toward their dreams big and small including:

  • Become a public speaker 
  • Get published as a writer – of children’s books or detective novels
  • Launch a magazine highlighting the stories of Black and Brown girls 
  • Lead forest therapy guided hikes for queer youth
  • Guide white river rafting tours
  • Take up needlepoint
  • Raise scholarship money for marginalized kids to attend summer camp
  • Blog about feminist romantic fiction
  • Refurbish old houses in New England 
  • Write screenplays
  • Take stand up classes and go to open mic nights 
  • Help to reform the foster care system
  • Get pregnant or adopt a baby
  • Start an interior design business
  • Become Chief of Staff for a progressive politician
  • Teach mindfulness and conscious play to lawyers and other adults
  • Take the week off to be with family and bake cookies with their kids between Christmas and New Years 
  • Build an alpaca resort and enterprise
  • Create social impact data art
  • Choose remote and flexible work – to balance with drop-off and pick-up school schedules
  • Move abroad to Greece and France or across the country from California to Maine

No WILL Members’ dreams are identical.  

When you join WILL Transform, all your life dreams – not just your professional dreams – are cracked wide open.

There is no one else like you. Your dreams are held sacred to be nourished within the WILL community!

Q: Elena, are you a lawyer too? (Why did you create this program?)

A: No, I’m not a lawyer – but I’ve dedicated my work to coaching women lawyers!

My dad was a lawyer, so I always thought I would be a lawyer, too – but that’s not the path I chose after college.

But I always knew that I wanted to help people. During my career in public health, I discovered the incredible world of transformational career coaching… and I kept attracting women lawyers to my practice!

I am clear that one of my top gifts is to help people become clear about what they truly would love for their life and career… and then create that!  

This is something that many lawyers don’t have time and space to consider until it becomes almost necessary to their well-being.

Helping women lawyers identify and go after their dreams has been one of my greatest joys in WILL! 

The benefits are wide-reaching (it’s not only within the professional realm of work and career): Marriages improve, families become more present, friendships blossom. The positive ripple effects of all this are beyond measure. That’s why I do this work!

(If you’re looking for specifics, you can read my backstory here.)

Q: Can I work directly with Elena?

Elena works directly with a limited number of WILL Members.  If you want to explore coaching directly with Elena (and have all the other program benefits too) please book a call here to set up a private consultation.

Q: Does WILL offer a guarantee?

Because we’re so confident this program has the POWER to help you move from stuck and stressed to sleeping peacefully again, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee!

Please note: We KNOW this program works. We’ve seen it happen over and over again.

If you do the program for two weeks and DO NOT experience any positive shifts, send us an email within 14 days, and we’ll give you your money back.

Where there’s a WILL – Woman Interested in Leaving (big) Law… there’s a WAY!

From this moment on, you get to enjoy:

  • Freedom from the billable hour.
  • Unplugged vacations!
  • Waking up with a smile on your face!
  • Work that’s meaningful, filling AND well-paying!
  • Time to connect with your friends and family. 

Over 100 women lawyer have done this.

You can too! 

If you’re still reading this ;-), it’s your turn.  Give me a call!

Book a call to have your questions answered.  Begin now. 

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