Welcome to WILL Evolve

Leaving (big) law isn’t easy. It can take time.  You may become discouraged or feel there’s something wrong with you. Trying to do it alone can lead to isolation. Your progress slows down or comes to a halt. 

If you want to keep going or re-engage in your WILL work…here’s an easy and effective way for you to keep going!  

WILL Evolve speeds your trajectory, saves energy and deepens connection with other WILL members.   Enjoy accountability, community and mindset makeovers so you can flourish and fly!

In WILL Evolve enjoy…

Monthly Study Halls

Community Calls – Where the magic happens!

  • Participate in bi-monthly calls, facilitated by Elena.
  • Experience relief and have your questions answered.
  • Receive love and “been there too” wisdom from other members.

LIVE Quarterly Infusion Calls

Deepen your personal development in these interactive workshops.

  • Elena creates space and guides you to overcome barriers.  
  • Clear out the perfectionism, fear of criticism, and inner critics.
  • Topics include Mindset, Manifestation, Money and More

Sunday Sprint

End the year with zest and momentum!

  • Complete your year with intention, focus, and clarity alongside other WILL members. 
  • Expand your belief in what’s possible AND your network with LIVE Guest Speakers.
  • Create or strengthen your morning routine to elevate your progress!

Reunions, Surprises & Delights 

More WILL community gatherings and special events coming your way.

What do you stand to gain by surrounding yourself with

camaraderie, love and support ?

What Our Members Are Saying:

“I am uplifted by this community of fantastic women.”
– Pamela

“I am about to leave my job.  I’m working through my anxiety around that (trying to name my inner critics, work on my mindset around money, etc.), but I would have never considered this before WILL & this community.”
– Lisa, San Francisco

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Intention Setting 2021

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How to Leave (big) Law with Ease

- Join me on Sunday, September 11th at 11 am ET -

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Sunday Sprint - Live Q+A Call

Thursday, October 6th at 8pm ET / 5pm PT

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