Continue Your WILL Journey 

  You completed your initial WILL program, and think “But, I’m not done yet!” You want the continued connection, support and magic of the WILL Community…

Here’s how you can keep going!

It took you a long time to become a lawyer.  It’s an important part of you.

Creating a fulfilling career you love is a work in progress too.


Are you trying to do this?

You don’t want to…

  • Backslide into putting the job first, running yourself ragged and waking up with an anxious jolt.
  • Believe the BS voices that say “you’ll never really be able to do something else.”
  • Be checked-out with loved ones, as you compose emails in your head, instead of listening to them talk about their day,

and you’d LOVE…

  • Continued support so you don’t feel like a failure or have to figure this out on your own. 
  • To shed the “good girl” and “lawyer” programming. 
  • To be surrounded & see there’s nothing wrong with you. 
  • Control over your time so you can meet friends for brunch, attend that concert and not feel crappy and cancel last minute. 
  • Put your “Out of Office” message on and NOT respond to emails (without feeling worried or guilty!)

Picture this, in WILL Evolve you’ll…

Continue to prioritize your personal development

  • Detox from “big law” culture (even if you’re still in it!) 
  • Discover new information, tools and practices in monthly workshops that keep you learning.
  • Delve into topics such as: Overcoming Perfectionism, Personal Power, Somatic Experience, Manifestation, Money and more.
Monthly Study Halls

 Connect in the WILL Community

  • Be less alone and know there’s nothing wrong with you.
  • Unite with dynamic, kind, like-minded women lawyers who hold a bigger vision for you.
  • Experience love and “been there too” wisdom to keep you going, both in your group sessions and in between with your WILL Accountability Buddy.

Create a happy, fulfilled and balanced life

  • Commit to manifesting your desires when you join a WILL Evolve Circle. 
  • Keep focused on your TRUE priorities so you don’t get derailed by other people’s demands.
  • Create intentions for the year & track progress so you advance towards your bigger vision.  

Additional Surprises & Delights 

  • You are first in line for retreats and live events!
  • Enjoy community gatherings, love bombs  and special programs.
  • Celebrate successes along the way and FINALLY normalize ease, flow and fun!

Many people who begin WILL keep going.  

  Your’e invited to continue in WILL Evolve! 

WILL Evolve Membership Pricing

Three-month initial commitment, billed monthly. Monthly auto renewal or email to cancel.

Annual Discounted Plans Available: Pay for 10 months and get 2 months free!


What continuing has meant to WILL Members & Alumni

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Intention Setting 2021

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