Welcome to WILL VIP 

You are a seasoned attorney, partner or counsel.

You know in your heart and body that you want to leave firm life, yet it is all you have known for most of your career.

You have…

  • White knuckled it long enough
  • Wanted to make a career change for far longer than you like to admit
  • Seniority, but are unhappy
  • Endured the backstabbing culture
  • Tolerated the double standards for women


You want work that is meaningful, connected to your heart and values.  You want out of an argumentative and litigious culture.  Yet, you don’t know what else to do or where to begin.

Take your skills and experiences into an environment where they – and YOU – are valued, appreciated and in full bloom.



  • Receive my full one-on-one attention
  • Have a pampered experience
  • Privately explore your dreams, desires and gifts

We sit down together for a half-day and I take you through a personalized process of discovery.  You emerge with a strong sense of your unique gifts, talents and values.


The work continues. Through 1-1 coaching you will…

  • Shed the toxic culture
  • Cultivate new thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Elevate your soul

Invest in yourself at this deeply transformative level.

The benefits of WILL VIP unfold…

Inspiration guides your actions and fuels your conversations with new people.

Doors begin to open.  Opportunities emerge.

You take purposeful action, and walk through.

Where there is a WILL, there is a way.

Contact me to schedule an exploratory conversation.