If you are a woman lawyer and you’re OVER…


Feeling stuck in your work and not know what else you can do.


The billable hour and always having to be available.


Overworking and that you're failing on all fronts.


The argumentative, adversarial nature of it.


Disappointment and worry that you’re wasting your potential and precious time here on earth.

  You’re tired of being drained, anxious and exhausted.  Never able to take a vacation or fully unplug. 

You don’t see this getting better. 

I hear you.   

You want to utilize your strengths, have a life and not always wish things were better.


You’ve done nothing wrong.  You’re not alone. 




What if it was possible to have…

This is exactly what can happen during your luxurious,  restorative AND productive WILL Weekend.

Do 3-months of work in 3-DAYS!

Be refreshed, revitalized and ready to create your fulfilling career. 


After your WILL Weekend you’ll…


Know what else you can do that feeds your soul and still makes a good living.


See the path out and create YOUR exit plan.


Discover your strengths, skills, interests and values, and how to build your next iteration on them.


Experience support, guidance and quick results!


Be excited to wake up and for your day ahead!

This is perfect if you’re a woman lawyer and are ready to embark on a new career (either in law or out) that makes you happy, energized & fulfilled.

If that’s YOU, I’m excited to meet you!


Let’s explore what you’d LOVE to create (even if right now you doubt it’s possible).

Book a call to make sure we’re a good fit.

If yes, we schedule your Pre-Weekend Session and choose your luxury destination
(i.e., Civana, Canyon Ranch, or other venue you’ve always wanted to go to)!

Walk away with clarity, a plan and (ahhhhh) relief!

Success Stories

I, like a lot of other lawyers,
get stuck in my head and go down that
rabbit hole of despair, inaction and self-doubt.
WILL forces the time and investment
that otherwise isn’t going to happen.
– Jenny, Las Vegas


When we started, I had no framework for how to
approach the conundrum of what to do with my career.
Now I have a lot more confidence. I’ve decided to leave my firm
and I’m coming from a place of clarity and belief in myself.

– Angela, San Francisco


I recommend WILL to people who like me can benefit from a
for approaching the question of what to do next.
When you pay for it, you carve out the time to do the work.

– C.D., San Francisco


I hadn’t thought about my “inner critic”
and the harsh things I was saying to myself.
Now I monitor the voice that tells me
what I ‘should‘ do as opposed to
what I WANT to do!
Karen, New York City


Before WILL I was thinking ‘What’s wrong with me?’,
but NOW I KNOW, it’s this job that’s wrong for me.

– Gwen, Washington, DC


Hi, I’m Elena Deutsch!

I’ve helped hundred of women lawyers, like YOU, get out of (big) law and into roles that feed their souls, and make them good money.

Not a lawyer myself, my lawyer-who-got-disbarred-father’s example caused me to pass on law school and veer into public health, training and coaching.   After I became a coach, I attracted lawyers who wanted greater career fulfillment and alignment.

While coaching for AmLaw 100 firms, I saw women lawyers expected to always be available, work ridiculous hours, become anxious, worn down and lose their confidence.  This did not sit well in my deeply feminist bones.

I believe you can shed the “shoulds,” be free from the patriarchal B.S. of firm life, and have a thriving career that’s fulfilling, meaningful and has you waking up with a smile on your face!

Solve one of your most pressing problems in an effective and luxurious weekend!

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