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In your heart you know that life is too short for someone else to own your time. You can’t wait to unlock your dreams and your full potential. It’s time to put what you care most deeply about on the front burner, prioritize YOUR desires, YOUR spirit, and YOUR energy.

The most useful definition of self-care is:

Self-care is an action you take NOW, that your future self will thank you for.

Let’s put that definition into action.

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I really viewed this retreat as an opportunity to reset. I’m at a transition point in my career, starting a new job, and I knew I had some tough months ahead of me, so I looked at this retreat as a way to be gentle and kind to myself, and to fortify myself for the next steps.

I’m someone who enjoys groups, and so being with a group of wonderful women was really attractive to me. I knew some of the women from my previous work with WILL and Elena, and I thought it would be a great place and group to talk through some of the issues I was facing with.

This retreat gave me space to reflect on how I view myself, how I view where I’ve come, and where I’m going. I looked back at my journey into law, why it didn’t really serve me, and also got some more tools and methods to combat my negative emotions around my job.

Since the retreat I’ve started to feel more positive about my next steps and being stronger in the belief that this new job may be great, or it may not be, but no matter what, it doesn’t have to be the end of the story, that there is always a next chapter. I can move on and leverage this into something different if it doesn’t serve me for the long run.

Coming away with the understanding that this career transition out of law is not my make or break was really valuable for me.

I came away with a sense of joy and wonder and spaciousness that I think I’ve pushed down for so long in my legal career because I was so unhappy.

Elena comes up with frameworks and activities that are really thought provoking and help leads you to self introspection. I think she’s done a great job creating a safe space for people to talk about scary issues and bring up things are not always things we talk about in polite company, so definitely would recommend it. I already have one friend who said, “I need to go to the next one.”


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Have been a lawyer for either a few years or a long time.  You work for a firm, in-house or for yourself.

  • Maybe you enjoy your work.  Maybe you don’t.
  • Are exhausted, trying to squeeze yourself into your life.
  • You work out or take a yoga class when you can, try to eat well and get sleep.

Yet the most important parts of yourself get pushed down.

Everything else comes first – demanding co-workers, briefs and deals, your partner, spouse, kids or family.

You’ve had it with burying your spark… the fun, mischievous and daring parts of yourself!   

If you are ready to get back in touch with who you really are, join other like-minded women.

Individually and collectively, you will rediscover yourselves and release what no longer serves you.

Elena Deutsch, MPH

Hello there!

I founded WILL – Women Interested in Leaving Law to help women lawyers who feel stuck and unhappy, transform their work lives to be filled with clarity, meaning and fulfillment.

My parents, both of whom have passed, influenced my career choices in different ways.

When I was a kid growing up, my dad was a criminal defense attorney in New York City.

I became acutely aware of the toll his work took on his health when he was diagnosed with brain cancer and couldn’t attend my college graduation.  I abandoned any ideas of law school and started a career in non-profits. This led me to public health, training, and coaching before starting WILL.

I use what I learned from my mother, who was a psychotherapist, to listen deeply to others.

I honor the work of both my parents by helping women lawyers get back in touch with what matters most.

We are all so hungry for real life connection.

When a WILL member requested a way for us to come together in person, the idea for this retreat was born!

My goal is to create a retreat where you deeply forgive and unleash yourself.   Return home with the CONVICTION that so much more is possible for you.

WILL has been featured in The American Lawyer, Bloomberg Big Law Business, Above the Law, and more.

Learn more about WILL at

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You’ll also get weekly emails to help you bring more joy and freedom to your life and career.

I had an amazing experience, I definitely couldn’t have asked for more from this retreat. I feel like I’ve released so much baggage, and really rewritten my story so that it can give me solace in the times that I tense up and feel anxious or feel sad about how things might have been.

I was a little concerned that there was going to be a group of people where our only commonality was having gone to law school, and then practiced law, and not like it anymore. It did feel a little bit like law school, but at a healing retreat. We actually do share a lot more in common than just being lawyers, most of us for big corporate law firms (and not being fulfilled in that). There’s a shared emotional experience, not just an educational experience associated with working in that environment. I’ve never fully appreciated that before this retreat.

To be in a space where there’s a facilitator, Elena, who is so good at building trust, and so good at challenging us to go deeper, but also structuring a program that was supportive to the depth of work we were doing, was so meaningful and helpful. I know a lot of thought and intention had gone into that, and I felt that.

I appreciated that Elena clearly goes deep really quickly, and that takes a lot of bravery with a group like this, that had never met, a bunch of corporate lawyers, and that Elena is challenging all of us to truly transform our lives on a spiritual level.

I have no words to describe how lucky I feel that I found Elena to help me with the spiritual aspect of my career and self. I would have never imagined that this would have been something I’d get from what I had assumed was just a career coach.

I definitely feel more integrated after this retreat. I’ve always brought my spirit to WILL member matters, even if I didn’t really like the case or the WILL member. But what this retreat helped me see is that there are so many women lawyers who are seeking spiritual integration. We have a unique profession in that it’s based on trust, and on concepts of fairness, equality, and justice that we all learn in law school. But corporate law, kind of, beats out those philosophical ideas and ideals that are behind law, and so I was thinking this week that how beautiful it would be to bring that spiritual practice into practicing law.

There’s a hunger in the legal community for this kind of spiritual transformation. I would recommend this experience to women lawyers who have integrated, or have a desire to integrate, their spiritual lives with their professional lives. A lot of lawyers care deeply about issues of equity and fairness, and they care deeply about justice, and to me, all those concepts are tied in with spirituality and supported through this retreat experience.


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