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WILL Summer
SOULstice Retreat

Hosted By WILL – Women Interested In Leaving (big) Law


June 16, 17, 18

Summer SOULstice Retreat for Women Lawyers:
Re-Create Your Career

This is for women and non-binary lawyers who no longer want to…

Wake up dreading the day ahead

Struggle to be present with family and friends

Feel stuck, uncertain and unfulfilled


During this Summer SOULstice Retreat, set new intentions for the
rest of 2022, and shake that 300-lb gorilla off your back!

Plug into the warm and uplifting WILL Community, reconnect with yourself,
and re-create the next steps that align with your soul and desires!

Imagine how good would it feel to… 



Calm that inner voice who says: “You can’t”, “You’ll never…”, and “You should just be …”



Connect deeply with what’s most important to you


Create next steps that are in alignment with your skills, interested and values

I absolutely recommend a WILL retreat to other women lawyers. Elena put together a carefully considered agenda with time for both work and play.

Lauren, Maine

This retreat is open to:


Any woman or non-binary lawyer (current or former)


WILL Members and Alumni


The WILL-curious!

This is the time you will need to block out to participate in this event:

Welcome: Thursday, June 16th

7 pm to 9:30pm ET

Part 1: Friday, June 17th

11 am to 5:30 pm ET

Part 2: Saturday, June 18th

11 am to 5:30 pm ET

I’ve gotten a lot of benefit from working virtually with Elena, and learning from other women in the same kind of situation. This is our career and figuring out a different path outside of large law firms is surprisingly emotionally fraught.

The reality is, we all have a common slightly terrible experience, and we all have a common language. Plus, I’ve never met as good of a facilitator as Elena who facilitates this community very skillfully.

– Wilder, San Francisco

About your host:

Elena is a leading career transformation coach for female lawyers. She helps her clients claim their power, ditch soul-sucking jobs and create careers and lives they love.  

She stands for the liberation of female lawyers to expand their personal, professional, spiritual and economic freedom and impact. 

Her lawyer-who-got-disbarred-father’s example caused her to steer away from law, and into public health, leadership training and coaching.  All of this led her to create WILL.  The year she turned 50, the words “women interested in leaving law” flowed out of her pen while up at dawn during a Cape Cod vacation.  

WILL brings together everything she wants to do, be and offer the world.

Since that summer day, she’s been on a mission to help hundreds of women (and a few men) leave (big) law. 

Her work has been featured in Law 360, Bloomberg Big Law Business, The American Lawyer, and more.  She regularly leads workshops for the DC Bar, NY County Lawyers Association and the New York City Bar Association. Elena co-writes an AMA: Ask Me Anything Career Column in Above the Law.  

Elena lives in NYC with her family, and while she enjoys morning yoga and dancing to Lizzo, few things give her greater joy than watching WILL members strut out of (big) law with confidence as they hit “send” on their goodbye email without burning bridges, heading securely into new opportunities.

My work with WILL and Elena has been life changing.

I now feel like, ‘This horrible job is just temporary.’

That mindset shift alone has yielded me far bigger returns on my investment than I could have anticipated.

– Gina, Philadelphia

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