Since joining WILL, you have made amazing progress! Are you ready for a next level experience? A retreat with other WILL women where you…
Release stubborn fears, doubts and worries that still hold you back
> Reconnect deeply with yourself and other smart, kind and courageous women
> Immerse yourself in the love, support and friendship of this community
> Have fun all together in real life
> Relax, replenish and reenergize

Banish hesitations.

Take your heart’s desires to the next level!


you touch down in Santa Fe. The red earth rises up to greet you. You’ve always wanted a trip to the Southwest and here you are!

You exit the airport and the warm, dry air brushes your skin. You tingle with anticipation.

You pull into the gorgeous Sunrise Springs Resort and Spa. Your room is beautiful, simple and elegant… with a fireplace! You feel exhilarated as you drop your bags, flop on the bed and smile as you anticipate the days ahead.

You head to dinner, both excited and nervous. You are greeted with warm hugs by Elena and the other women. You laugh and smile… giddy to be together in person!

You feel lucky to be here and proud to have taken this time for yourself.

During the retreat, shed the identities that no longer serve you.

  • Let yourself off the hook for all you “haven’t done”.  
  • Listen to the stories of other women and hear your own.     
  • Linger over delicious, nourishing and beautifully prepared meals.  
  • Appreciate that you created this time for yourself. 
  • Fill yourself up with acceptance, worthiness and a generous dose of forgiveness.

Nourish the most tender parts of yourself.

Our backdrop is the beautiful Sunrise Springs in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This 70-acre resort includes 90,000 sq. ft. of beautiful spaces that highlight the textures and tones of the stunning high desert.

Soak in a hot tub, or head out on one of the hiking trails… available right out the door.

The variety of activities will blow your mind! From archery to meditation and suspension yoga, it’s going to be hard to choose what to do during your downtime.

You can always chill out and pet a kitten, puppy or a unique, fluffy bantam breed of chicken called Silkies. (What?!? Yep, come pet a chicken).

Participate in a group excursion to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, optional hike, or enjoy a quiet afternoon making art, writing in your journal or taking a nap. The choice is yours.


Sunrise Springs provides a gorgeous environment for you to relax, replenish and connect. Travel & Leisure’s named it a TOP destination spa in 2019!

Surrender to divine experiences.

  • Let experts guide you to a new terrain – through a massage, energy intuitive session or private soak. 
  • Relish breakthroughs and new insights as your write in your journal or swing in a hammock.   
  • Take a walk or class with a new friend.  
  • Gaze at the stars as we laugh by the fire pit. Burn and release the parts that weigh you down, like a piece of fire in the flames
  • Loosen bonds and free yourself to create your life in a whole new way!


If you love being part of WILL,
Nurture Yourself offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to go further.

If you long to…

  • Stop letting what other people “might think”
  • Pledge a deeper commitment to your dreams
  • Shed fear, doubts and limiting beliefs

So you can…

  • Solidify friendships with WILL members – women who cheer you on and hold you lovingly accountable
  • Expand what you think is possible and
  • Play a bigger game in your relationships, life and career…

 Join us!

All rooms are PRIVATE, en-suite.

Yes, please! Count me in!  


The Southwest is famous for green chilis and the kitchen at Sunrise Springs will not disappoint.

Join us for all your meals at the WILL table!

Executive Chef Rocky Durham embraces the idea that food is a potent elixir for the body and mind. He works closely with local farmers and uses seasonal herbs, fruits and vegetables. Each meal offers a selection of vibrant and flavorful dishes.

When you register, let us know any dietary requirements so the team at Sunrise Springs can accommodate you.

Mouth-watering, ready-for-you bounty is ALL included.

(Adult beverages are available, though not included.)

The Kripalu 2019 WILL retreat was a nexus of WILL in general. 

To have this group of women who all are seeking and reaching and inspiring, and still struggling and supporting each other, it’s next level.

Driving home, I was flying. Not speeding but floating. I felt so good. I felt, How lucky am I to have experienced that, and to be able to bring this back into my life?!?

I would recommend Elena to every woman lawyer who is open to it, to any woman in the world who would want to be part of this.


Nurture Yourself – Santa Fe Retreat Agenda

During the Nurture Yourself retreat we will play, laugh and learn. Get ready for an experience that will open your heart, mind, body and spirit.

Each day is designed with a thoughtful balance of group + spacious open time. You will have a chance to be together, integrate, have intimate conversations and solo time to let it all soak in (perhaps even while soaking in a hot tub).

The whole event is designed for you to connect with others and most importantly, yourself. To fall in love again, with you. To care for yourself as you would the person you love most in the world.

In addition to downtime for hanging out, enjoying one of the resort activities or grounds, we will take one group excursion. Plus a dinner out in Santa Fe is also included.

More to come, here’s a sample outline (subject to change.)

Day 1 – ARRIVE

Afternoon arrival  – Check in is at 3 pm
Feel free to arrive earlier and explore the grounds
Evening welcome session 7:30 – 9pm


9-noon morning program 
Free afternoon
Dinner Out! 


9-noon morning program
Free afternoon or Optional: Visit to Georgia O’Keefe Museum OR hike
Evening program/Campfire


9-noon morning program
Afternoon group adventure/hike
Evening program


9-11:30 final closing program 
Mid-day departure

This sounds AH-mazing! Count me in!

I appreciated that Elena goes deep quickly, and that takes a lot of bravery. 

Elena is challenging all of us to truly transform our lives on a spiritual level.


Join us so you can see yourself reflected

in the eyes of the other women.

  • Appreciated
  • Valued
  • Honored
  • Recognized
  • Worthy

Imagine how good it feels to receive this AND

it to the other women as well.

WILL Retreat 2019 at Kripalu, by Jenni Ingram

Yes! Yes! Yes! Sign me up! 

At the Nurture Yourself Retreat, ALL THIS IS INCLUDED…

  • Gorgeous, PRIVATE, en-suite room with King or Queen beds 
  • Nurture Yourself Retreat sessions with materials
  • Intimate experience –  limited spots,12 WILL members
  • Exclusive access to Elena
  • Pool, hot tub, gardens and Sunrise Spring grounds
  • All your mouth-watering meals
  • Full access to retreat activities that include yoga, fitness, meditation and much, much more
  • Pre-retreat group call: Set your intentions and boundaries
  • Post-retreat group call: Reconnect and integrate this profound experience within a week of retreat 
  • One excursion to the Georgia O’Keefee Museum with the other women (optional)
  • Photo shoot with WILL coach and photographer Jenni Ingram (optional)
  • Additional surprises and delights!

The 2019 WILL Retreat gave me space to reflect on how I view myself.

I looked back at my journey into law, how I got there, why it didn’t serve me.

I came away with a sense of joyfulness that I’ve pushed down for so long in my legal career….

I left with joy and wonder and spaciousness, with all of that, and it was pretty fabulous.


The group is limited to 12 participants. Secure your spot TODAY.

Magic, free, filled, calming. I released things. I cried, I shared, I heard, I held.

Excited, brimming over.

I got a piece of myself back that had always been there and had been beaten up on a lot in this job.

I am smiling at people, and being more kind to myself and others.



Simple, elegant, Southwestern rooms… All are en-suite, individual rooms with king or queen beds.

When you register, indicate your preference: a Casita or Garden View Room.


Each Casita has its own private courtyard patio entrance and includes:

  • King bed
  • Gas fireplace
  • Some Casitas include an adjacent bedroom with full-size bed and separate entrance

Garden View Rooms

Garden View Rooms all face the sacred Medicine Wheel and include a choice of either:

  • 1 Queen bed or 2 full-size beds
  • Balcony or patio

photo courtesy of Sunrise Springs

I felt welcomed and supported throughout and was able to open up and really dig into the work.

I loved spending time with everybody and getting to know each person’s story.

It was a good balance of challenging work and time to rest and restore.

I feel better equipped to do the work I need to do for my future, and I feel more connected to my WILL sisters.

I absolutely recommend a retreat with Elena. She put together a carefully considered agenda with time for both work and play. I felt taken care of during the entire retreat.


Save my spot!

photo courtesy of Sunrise Springs

Travel Information

Travel to Santa Fe or Albuquerque, NM

Arrive on Friday, May 8, 2020.

Check in is 3 pm local time.

Plan to come early or stay late. Extend your trip and pleasure. Let this really be a way you nurture yourself.

What’s not included… 

  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Snacks, wine, beer
  • Additional excursions
  • Spa experiences
  • Gratuities

Everything else is included.

“I’m signing-up then booking my flight!”

Why another retreat? Why Santa Fe?

And WHY Mother’s Day Weekend?

After the first WILL Retreat in May, 2019 I was blown away by the depth of the experience.

The love, support and transformation continue to nourish me and the women who attended.

I heard you wanted more. So I planned, then pulled the plug on a retreat in Costa Rica.

After more searching, I found Sunrise Springs, rated the #3 Destination Spa by Travel & Leisure in 2019!

When I realized the only dates that Sunrise Springs had available was Mother’s Day weekend, I groaned.

WILL Retreat 2019 at Kripalu, by Jenni Ingram

At first I thought I would have to cancel, but then I did two things:

1. I asked WILL Mastermind members what they thought.

2. I tapped into my own feelings about Mother’s Day – and found myself to be FURIOUS!

Mother’s Day has been long been complicated and fraught for me. I remember being at lunch with my mom in the Berkshires one Mother’s Day. At the time I was single and desperately wanted to be in a relationship and a parent. She was disappointed in something, and I felt like a failure. I looked around at all the families, and burst into tears.

Now that I’m a mother and my mother is gone, it’s complicated in whole new ways. Bottom line for me re: Mother’s Day… it’s just another way women get screwed over.

I recognize this is mostly my own stuff – but I also know I’m not alone in this.

Mother/woman-shaming takes myriad forms. We all feel it.

This inspired a new thought… I’d LOVE to do our retreat on mothers day!

Let’s reclaim the day, honor our divine feminine, heal ourselves deeply and shed ALL THE expectations of what it means to be a “woman” in our society (f*#k that being synonymous with being a mother).

Let’s play, relish and delight in being away free from all that! Take this chance to nourish ourselves – hike, sleep, soak in a hot tub, enjoy beautiful food that other people have prepared and connect deeply with ourselves and other WILL women.

No cards. No flowers. No breakfast in bed. No feelings of “not enough-ness”.

Freedom from all the identities – “mother” “wife” “lawyer” “sister” “daughter”. Time to just be. Time to listen to your own heart, voice, to let your spirit out to play.

Then, when the vast majority of Mastermind members said, “Yes!”, I went all in.

This weekend is ours… to nurture and create ourselves anew!

We will be joined by retreat co-facilitator, Jenni Ingram, MSW and WILL Coach

I loved participating in the first WILL Retreat at Kripalu. It was an honor to support the women and Elena in that amazing gathering.   

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of coaching some WILL members individually and participating in the group calls and Mastermind.  I’m excited to support you during this retreat through a StrengthsFinder session, taking your picture and on a hike. Can’t wait to see you there! 

(All WILL Retreat 2019 at Kripalu and WILL member photos, by Jenni Ingram.)

I absolutely loved the WILL Retreat at Kripalu. It was helpful to let go of what was holding me back and to start the process of moving forward.

Elena said at the retreat about how all motivation is either born out of love or fear.

Now I find myself thinking about that with every decision I make. I see decisions I’ve made that got me into an unhappy place out of fear, and it’s time to go the other way and make decisions out of love.


Yes, please! I’m in!

Save your spot

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