If you want to…

>  Experience FUN, FREEDOM and friendship  

See yourself lovingly reflected in the eyes of the other women 

Leave fear in the dust

EXPAND your self-worth until there is no room for inner critics  

Know in every cell of your body you are on track to activate your dreams

Join us at the Embody Your Power WILL Retreat Costa Rica!  


photo courtesy of Pura Vida

By the end you will know your own 

value, beauty and worthiness, without question. 


…you touch down in Costa Rica. The moist air brushes your skin and you tingle with anticipation, as you take in the beauty of our lush retreat center!

Meet the other women, and laugh! You are giddy to be together in person!  Look into their eyes, touch their shoulders and smile.   

Dive into the work with Elena and the others.  Learn and value yourself more each day.   

Sessions provide the safety, structure and excavation so you can take your life to the next level. 

Linger over luscious meals and conversation in the sun drenched dining hall, as you get to know someone else on a deeper level.  

photo courtesy of Pura Vida

photo courtesy of Pura Vida

Surrender your mind, muscles and senses to a divine spa experience.   Let the expert practitioners at Pura Vida guide you to a new terrain.    

Relish breakthroughs as your write in your journal or swing in a hammock. 

Stretch your body in yoga, on a hike or both! 

Gaze at the stars and laugh by the fire pit.  Walk back to your PRIVATE room chatting with another woman and acutely alive.    

Drift off to sleep deeply grateful you are here.  

Our playground, Pura Vida Retreat & Spa, is personal development haven.  This ideal backdrop supports us as we hear each other’s stories and unravel what no longer serves us.  

All luscious meals, plus (optional) daily yoga classes & group excursion are included.   Swim in the pool, soak in the hot tub, indulge in the spa, hangout by the fire pit…the choice is yours.    

Pura Vida provides the environment to fuel your inner exploration, release and transformation.  

If you long to…

  • Stop letting what other people “might think”  
  • Pledge a deeper commitment to your dreams
  • Shed fear, doubts and limiting beliefs

So you can…

  • Build relationships with women who have your back and hold you lovingly accountable
  • Expand what you think is possible and
  • Play a bigger game  

 Join us!

photo courtesy of Pura Vida

The Kripalu 2019 WILL retreat was a nexus of WILL in general. 

To have this group of women who all are seeking and reaching and inspiring, and still struggling and supporting each other, it’s next level.

Driving home, I was flying. Not speeding but floating. I felt so good. I felt, How lucky am I to have experienced that, and to be able to bring this back into my life?!?

I would recommend Elena to every woman lawyer who is open to it, to any woman in the world who would want to be part of this.


 Secure your spot at the retreat in 2 steps!

1.  Contact Shina, Reservation Specialist at:

678-248-6412 or reservations@puravidaspa.com 

2.  Tell her you’re with the WILL Retreat & select your PRIVATE room.    

Shina can answer questions and help you pick your room.


Join us at the WILL table in the sunlit elevated dining hall.  Or take your meals to a quiet spot.

Each dish is lovingly prepared for you.  Local produce, greens and herbs enhance the buffet.

Meals include vegetarian, fish and chicken choices.   

Pura Vida accommodates vegan, gluten-free and other diets.  All you need to do is let them know your needs and preferences when you register.

As Elena’s retreat coach says, “The food at Pura Vida is ahhh-maze-ing!”

Help yourself to coffee, tea and filtered water throughout the day.  If you choose, purchase beer and wine at the bar in the dining hall.   Special smoothies, custom-blended chai and organic juice elixirs are available for purchase there as well. 

Embody Your Power – Costa Rica Retreat Agenda

We will go deeper into themes of self-worth, money, compassion and trust. 

Each session helps you shed what no longer serves you, build relationships and integrate

So you can emerge expanded, smiling and excited!   

Every day includes deep dive WILL group sessions + optional yoga and free time to spend getting to know other woman in the group while hanging in the hammock or hot tub. 

Included is a group waterfall hike (also optional).

More to come, but here’s the outline:

DAY 1: Saturday, March 7th

  • Check in after 2 pm
  • Welcome dinner at our WILL table 
  • Opening Session – to ease you into the experience

    DAY 2: Sunday, March 8th

    • Morning   
      • Bonus session for WILL Evolve Master Mind [or]
      • Free time to explore the grounds, enjoy a spa treatment 
    • Afternoon – Full group session, Evening TBD

    DAYS 3, 4 & 5: March 9 – 11 Include: 

    • WILL Embody Your Power Retreat Sessions
    • Yoga
    • Free Time
    • Guest speaker, Okeoma Moronu, Host of The Happy Lawyer Project Podcast 

    DAY 6: Thursday, March 12th

    • Final appreciation & completion session 
    • Checkout by 2 pm

    photo courtesy of Pura Vida

    I appreciated that Elena goes deep quickly, and that takes a lot of bravery. 

    Elena is challenging all of us to truly transform our lives on a spiritual level.


    Guest Speaker Okeoma Moronu! 

    Creator and host of The Happy Lawyer Project Podcast will join us at the retreat!

    Okeoma will lead us as we navigate value, worth and money,  so you can overcome fixed mindsets and free up your finances

    She’ll help you understand your money personality, so you can go from practicalities to prosperity.

    Okeoma just left her law job and moved her family to Costa Rica.  She will share her story on how she’s creating greater financial and personal freedom!

    Secure your spot at the retreat in 2 steps!

    1.  Contact Shina, Reservation Specialist at:

    678-248-6412 or reservations@puravidaspa.com 

    2.  Tell her you’re with the WILL Retreat & select your PRIVATE room. 

    All photos of WILL Retreat 2019 at Kripalu, by Jenni Ingram

    Spend time with amazing women who “get it”.  Together you are…

    • Valued
    • Honored
    • Recognized
    • Worthy
    • Seen

    It feels so good to receive all this AND give it to the other women as well.


    Take 2 steps to reserve your spot!

    1. Contact Shina @ 678-248-6412 or email reservations@puravidaspa.com

    2.  Pick your PRIVATE en-suite room.

    Got questions about the retreat overall?   

    At the Embody Your Power Retreat ALL THIS IS INCLUDED…

    • Gorgeous, PRIVATE, en-suite room
    • All with King or Queen beds (choose options below)
    • Embody Your Power Retreat sessions: all materials, pairs and small group work facilitate your deepest growth 
    • Intimate experience –  12 limited spots  – so you can open yourself up fully 
    • WILL members ONLY building on this self-selected community of WILL, our kindness can allow for deep growth and transformation 
    • Exclusive access to Elena
    • Pool, hot tub, gardens and Pura Vida grounds
    • Guest leader – Okeoma Moronu, host of the Happy Lawyer Project Podcast
    • All your mouth-watering meals
    • Pre-retreat group call in February 2020:  Set your intentions and boundaries
    • Post-retreat group call: Reconnect and integrate this profound experience within 2 weeks of retreat end
    • Airport transfer to/from San Jose Intl. and Pura Vida 
    • One excursion with the other women (optional)
    • Daily yoga classes (optional)
    • Head shot photo shoot with WILL coach and photographer Jenni Ingram (optional)
    • Additional surprises and delights!

    The 2019 WILL Retreat gave me space to reflect on how I view myself.

    I looked back at my journey into law, how I got there, why it didn’t serve me.

    I came away with a sense of joyfulness that I’ve pushed down for so long in my legal career….

    I left with joy and wonder and spaciousness, with all of that, and it was pretty fabulous.


    The WILL 2020 Retreat is ONLY open to current and former WILL members.

    This retreat is for you if you are…

    :: willing to be vulnerable, imperfect and accepting

    :: done with living your life to please and make yourself acceptable to others

    :: ready to invest in your fulfillment and transformation! 

    Together, we go much farther.  


    Exclusive Bonuses for MASTER MIND Members!

    As recognition for being a member of the WILL Master Mind, you get extra bonuses!   

    • First dibs – select the rooms of your choice before retreat opens to other WILL members on October 18th
    • Early bird pricing of $300 off for this magnificent retreat experience.  Early bird closes November 8th. 
    • Master mind-only session on Sunday morning – private time to be together so we can dive deeper 
    • EXTRA Master Mind Call – January 2020 only for this group.
    • Individual pre- and post- retreat calls with Elena or Jenni (Optional)

    Early registration exclusively for you!   

    Registration opens to other members of the WILL community on October 18th. Early bird pricing ends Nov. 8th. 

    Take these 2 steps to secure your spot at the retreat!

    1. Contact Shina @ 678-248-6412; or email: reservations@puravidaspa.com

    2. Book your PRIVATE room.  Tell her your with the WILL retreat on 3/7/20.

    Magic, free, filled, calming. I released things. I cried, I shared, I heard, I held. Excited, brimming over.

    I got a piece of myself back that had always been there and had been beaten up on a lot in this job.

    I am smiling at people, and being more kind to myself and others.



    Choose your room!  All are gorgeous, en-suite single rooms with king or queen sized beds. 

    photo courtesy of Pura Vida

    Option 1: Vista  

    $3597 after November 8th

    Early Bird Price $3297

    A beautiful deluxe style room with a private balcony or patio and gorgeous views overlooking tropical gardens and greenery.

    Plenty of space to lounge and relax and recharge in the quiet of your own room.

    Option 2:

    Upper Kiva or


    $3797 after November 8th

    Early Bird Price $3497

    Luxuriate in your private abode. Choose from the Upper Kiva – a spacious and comfortable mountainside room, or the Tri-Level. Sprawl out in one of three living spaces in complete abundance and privacy. Relish your time as you stand on your balcony with coffee plantation views.

    photo courtesy of Pura Vida

    Your Embody Your Power Retreat Includes: 

    6 days of custom designed programming that facilitates safety, learning and transformation

    5 vacation quality nights in your PRIVATE, en-suite room

    All your luscious, done-for-you meals 

    Breath taking views, yoga, an excursion, bonuses, delights and more…

    Unstructured free time with other WILL, away from it all, in real life!

    I felt welcomed and supported throughout and was able to open up and really dig into the work.

    I loved spending time with everybody and getting to know each person’s story.

    It was a good balance of challenging work and time to rest and restore.

    I feel better equipped to do the work I need to do for my future, and I feel more connected to my WILL sisters.

    I absolutely recommend a retreat with Elena. She put together a carefully considered agenda with time for both work and play. I felt taken care of during the entire retreat.


    Take these 2 steps to secure your spot!

    1. Contact Shina @ 678-248-6412; email: reservations@puravidaspa.com

    2. Say you’re are booking with the WILL retreat and pick your PRIVATE room. 

    What’s not included… 

    • Airfare
    • Travel insurance
    • Juices, wine, beer
    • Additional excursions
    • Spa experiences & Gratuities 

    Everything else is included.

    photo courtesy of Pura Vida

    I absolutely loved the WILL Retreat at Kripalu. It was helpful to let go of what was holding me back and to start the process of moving forward.

    Elena said at the retreat about how all motivation is either born out of love or fear.

    Now I find myself thinking about that with every decision I make. I see decisions I’ve made that got me into an unhappy place out of fear, and it’s time to go the other way and make decisions out of love.


    photo courtesy of Pura Vida

    Travel Information

    Travel into San Jose International Airport (Costa Rica, NOT California). 

    Arrive on Saturday, March 7, 2020

    The airport is 30 minutes away from Pura Vida.  

    Pura Vida transport will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the resort.  

    Check in is at 2 pm or arrive early and explore the grounds

    Our retreat ends on Thursday the 12th. Check out is at 2 pm.

    When you book feel free to explore staying on an extra night or two to let the retreat magic sink into your bones.  

    Take these 2 steps to reserve your spot at the retreat!

    1. Call the Pura Vida Reservation Specialist, Shina

    678-248-6412; email: reservations@puravidaspa.com

    2.  Say you’re are booking with the WILL retreat and pick your PRIVATE room.

    Why another retreat? Why Costa Rica?

    After the first WILL Retreat at Kripalu, I was blown away by the depth of the experience. 

    The love, support and transformation continue to astonish me and I believe, the other women who attended.   

    I heard you wanted more. 

    More time together in person, more spaciousness in the agenda, and an up-level retreat experience…  

    …in a space dedicated to personal development  

    a haven where we play, cry and laugh, and

    …undergo experiences that take us to the next level.

    My wife and I went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon and I loved the people, the pace and the “pura vida – pure life” greeting and lifestyle. 

    For years, I’ve been tempted by yoga retreats at Pura Vida.  Then, my retreat coach recommended it highly.    

    Pura Vida ticks ALL the boxes…

    Away from it all but not hard to get to

    …Similar travel time from East and West coasts,

    Personal development environment

    Yummy meals included, yoga, fun excursions and PRIVATE, en-suite rooms, your upgrade is included

    Plus… a fire pit so we can hang out under the stars.  

    Reconnect on a soul level with who you are and what you’re here to do. 

    Join us on the mountain top.

    Your retreat co-facilitator, Jenni Ingram, MSW and WILL Coach 

    I loved participating in the first WILL Retreat at Kripalu. It was an honor to support the women and Elena in that amazing gathering.   

    Since then, I’ve had the privilege of coaching some WILL individually and participating in the group calls and Master Mind. 

    I’m excited to support you during this retreat through a StrengthsFinder session, taking your picture and on a hike. Can’t wait to see you there! 

    Book now! Space is limited to 12 women.

    Call the Pura Vida Reservation Specialist.

    Contact Shina  @ 678-248-6412; or email: reservations@puravidaspa.com

    Say you’re are booking with the WILL retreat on 3/7/20.

    To Make a Reservation:

    To secure your retreat spot, contact Shina Dill the Pura Vida Reservations Specialist at reservations@puravidaspa.com or call: 678-248-6412; 888-767-7375.

    Say you are booking with the Elena Deutsch/WILL retreat on 3/7/20.

    To make a reservation, Pura Vida will just need the following information:

    • Full Name (First and Last)
    • Billing Address
    • Phone Number
    • Arrival and Departure Dates
    • Dietary or Accessibility Restrictions

    A deposit of 50% per person is required upon booking. Deposits can be made through PayPal using your Debit/Credit Card, or by calling the Pura Vida office. The remaining balance will be due via PayPal or charged to the credit card on file 2 weeks prior to arrival unless otherwise specified.

    Cancellation Policy:

    If the participant cancels thirty days before arrival, a full refund will be returned. If participant cancels within 60 days, all deposits will be held as a credit for up to one year from the date of cancellation to be used at Pura Vida Retreat & Spa for a personal stay.

    Book your spot at the retreat today!

    The early bird prices expire November 8th. 

    Call the Shina Dill @ 678-248-6412; email: reservations@puravidaspa.com

    Say you’re are booking with the WILL retreat on 3/7/20.

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