Jenny Las Vegas Rabbit Hole

I, like a lot of other lawyers, get stuck in my head and go down that rabbit hole of despair, inaction and self-doubt. WILL forces the time and investment that otherwise isn’t going to happen. – Jenny, Las...

– Angela, San Francisco

When we started, I had no framework for how toapproach the conundrum of what to do with my career.Now I have a lot more confidence. I’ve decided to leave my firmand I’m coming from a place of clarity and belief in myself.– Angela, San...

– C.D., San Francisco

I recommend WILL to people who like me can benefit from aframework for approaching the question of what to do next.When you pay for it, you carve out the time to do the work. – C.D., San Francisco

Karen, NYC

I hadn’t thought about my “inner critic” and the harsh things I was saying to myself. Now I monitor the voice that tells me what I ‘should’ do as opposed to what I WANT to do! – Karen, New York...

Gwen, Washington D.C.

Before WILL I was thinking ‘What’s wrong with me?’, but NOW I KNOW, it’s this job that’s wrong for me. – Gwen, Washington, DC

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