One of the hacks to change your life is to change your language.

To tune into words that diminish, derail and deflate you.

The word “just“ is one of them.

I hear women say things like…

“I’m just taking some time off.”

“I’m just a fifth year.”

“I’m just exhausted.”

As women we’re supposed to give, give and give. And “just“ be OK with this.

I’m not OK with this at all anymore.

For myself and others.

You are magnificent.

You are one of a kind.

The chances of your being born are one in 400 trillion!

Your ancestors are cheering you on.

I also believe there’s a slew of angels and beings surrounding you, ready to help out.

All we have to do is ask.

“Help me remember that I am a miracle and so are you, and you and you and you.”

“Just” somehow implies there’s something wrong with us.

At the individual level.

One of the things I struggle with in personal development “self-help” work, is the emphasis on self.

What if it was together-help? Sounds more fun, doesn’t it?

Of course we have to take individual responsibility for our lives…

AND we are collective and communal beings. All the pressure on the self is a lot.

I observe that in (big) law, you’re praised or punished individually, yet you’re supposed to contribute tirelessly to the collective.

WILL is a place for communal and individual transformation.

It’s easier and we heal while together, in community.

A lot more fun too.

To join us, book your 1:1 call with me.

Let’s see what WILL Transformation journey is right for you. All WILL journeys have a communal component that you can join in, or not.

Up to you.

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With love, and togetherness,

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