Recently, I got an email from a WILL Member who was not able to attend a group call because she was on a family vacation.  She sent me some photos.

One photo was of her mother walking behind her on a path. 

Her mother’s smile stole my heart.  I could feel the beaming pride and joy. 

The word “priceless” popped into mind.

Wherever you are in your practice of law, I ask you this…

How do the people who truly love you feel about your work?

Do they worry about you?

Ask you when you’re going to do something different?

Comment on how tired you look?

One thing I hear from women with children who come to WILL is they want to be a better role model for their kids.

The women hate how distracted and short tempered they get with their kids.

They know their children worry about them.

One told me her daughter says,  “Mama, leave the phone in the other room.” 

The other day, I had a call with a woman whose four-year-old daughter sat close by her until she felt like I was safe for her mom to talk to.  I engaged her, and asked genuinely curious questions about her and her life.

After a few minutes, she scooted away.  

How do you want your daughter to feel about your work?

Would you like to see your mom’s priceless smile as she knows that you are well?

If you won’t do this for yourself, would you do it for them?

Book your leave (big) law strategy session with me now.

It is an act of courage, and you are safe with me.  

Imagine that smile.  

Love you,


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