Recently on a call, a client I’ve worked with for a long time said, “I know you’ll think… that’s an excuse.“

I was having no such thoughts.

I was noticing her either/or thinking.

I see it in myself, and I see it in my clients… You’re either a lawyer/or… Fill in the blank… an astrologer; happy; making money.

One of the things we work on and WILL is creating both/and thoughts.

I also think self-compassion comes into play. She was really struggling with something.

Many of us have a belief that self-compassion will “let us off the hook“. Be an excuse.

Self-compassion actually helps lubricate our hearts. Makes it easier for us to slip through and, ironically, move into action.

Try this:

Put a hand on your heart as you think about something you’re struggling with.

Say to yourself: “This is a moment of suffering. It is part of the human condition to suffer. I am human. I give myself love and compassion for my suffering, as I would give to someone I love.“

How does that feel?

After that settles, ask yourself: “What’s the next step I am able to take right now?”

That’s how we slip and slide in WILL-land. With compassion, love, then taking that next courageous step.

Invite you to step into your leadership for your life.

Without excuses, without shrinking back, with compassion and courage.

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