“You are not a machine. Stop treating your body like one. Don’t accept others expectations of you to act like a machine.”

Angela said this to me as we were having a catch-up call.

She’s been on pause with her WILL journey because she’s been dealing with serious, life-threatening health problems.

She has a variety of gastrointestinal disorders. She’s not able to eat or poop properly.

She asked me to share her story. She said this:

“I’m honored that you would write about this because it would mean my suffering could have value for someone else. I want them to know this…

I enjoyed a lot about my career, 31 years both in private practice and in-house, but it is directly related to my health problems now.

The go, go, go culture of ‘kill yourself for the firm because that’s how you prove you have value’, is dangerous.

It was constantly in a state of fight or flight. I was living on cortisol and adrenaline.

When I stopped to take a look at my life my body spoke.

It said:

‘You didn’t listen all those years, and now I’m going to force you to listen.

You are not a machine.’”

In all honesty I’ve been concerned for Angela‘s health and life over these past few months.

She is starting to clear the esophagitis and the gastritis, but is going back to the hospital next week for more tests.

They want to remove part of her colon.

She does not want to have another surgery as she’s been through two in the past few months. She’s not super strong.

Will you please join me in sending prayers and love towards Angela?

Will you take her story to heart?

Many WILL members are in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Your body can recover more easily at these ages.

It does get harder as you get older and there’s a compounding effect to experiencing that level of anxiety.

The body is not designed to sustain long periods of fight, flight or freeze.

Those are intended to be short bursts.

Pause right now and take a deep breath.

Put a hand on your heart and hand on your belly and ask your body:

“What do you need right now?”

Then listen.

Do you need sleep?

Food that you prepare yourself?

A long hug with someone you love?

Those are always to close stress cycles and begin to repair the cellular damage of big law.

Thank you Angela for allowing me to share your story.

To anyone and everyone reading this I send you love, healing and a plea to listen.

If this resonates for you, do not not wait.

Book a call with me now.

Begin on your path to health, vitality and alignment.

Your future self will thank you.

I love you,

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