This week marks eight years since my mom, Suzy Lowinger left us.

As she was dying, she became more and more filled with light. (It didn’t hurt that she dyed her hair platinum a few weeks before).

That was quintessential Suzy, squeezing every bit out of life, going blonde just before she dies.

I miss her terribly, especially on the day of the anniversary. But I also have to admit that her death was a relief.

She went quickly, and spared herself and us a long tortuous decline.

While she is and was one of my absolute favorite people ever, she was not always easy.

An intimate relationship with Suzy carried a level of intensity that was not for the faint of heart.

If you had any interest in living an unexamined life, she was not your girl.

I have to confess that I get some of this from her. As a coach I get to talk about the very real things with people in the most intimate and honest ways.

It’s such an honor.

I’m not sure I would’ve had the bandwidth to start WILL – Women Interested In Leaving (big) Law if she was still alive.

She requested a lot of my energy. And I gave it.

In retrospect I’m not sure I would have continued to do that, but I did not get that choice.

In some very important way, she liberated me to do work in the world that helps me free others.

I could never fill enough posts with all the things I learned from her.

On the night of her yahrzeit (Jewish anniversary of one’s death when you burn a special 24-hour candle) I used the perfect spoon to scoop out an avocado for guacamole, which she loved.

I thought about one of my favorite lessons from her. “Elena, always use the right tool for the job.”

Mom, you were the right mama for me. You did a good job. We both did. I’m proud of us.

I love you.

P.s. I do feel my mom’s spirit is proud of the work I do. If you want to join me and others for an Intention Setting Workshop I’m leading this Sunday, click here.


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