One of the most common concerns I hear from prospective and current WILL members is: “What will people think?”

They worry about the mentors and partners who have invested in them, leaving colleagues in a lurch, and if other people will think they are “throwing it all away.”

Some WILL members are the first woman in their family to go to law school. Earning that kind of money and prestige is a huge achievement. Only most people outside of (big) law do not understand the unique suffering that comes with it.

This can make leaving even tougher.

Women hesitate to tell their parents, friends and family (and certainly anyone at work!) that they no longer want to be a lawyer or practice at the firm.

All that pretending is exhausting.

They struggle with the belief that getting help is frivolous. An unnecessary indulgence.

They worry about giving up the salary.

But what is the cost of staying on your soul, relationships and health?

Does it lead to….

  • Snapping at your kids, spouse or parents?
  • Hour after hour of feeling chained to the computer?
  • Constant anxiety as you edge closer and closer to burnout?

WILL guides you to figure out what else you could do, and surrounds you with a community of smart, kind and amazing women who also want out.

You learn to stop the negative “what if…” spiral, and become armed with inspiring new ideas AND information!

Doing this alone can lead to more isolation, frustration and the feeling of being stuck. The pandemic has exacerbated that for many.

What would saving time, effort and suffering be worth to you?

The people who love you want to see your suffering end. They want you to be happy. If they are worried, that’s about them.

The women who join WILL do have something to prove, not to others, but to themselves.

They want to prove that they can get unstuck, and do work that’s meaningful, fulfilling and pride-inducing. They want to trust the nudge that whispers, “there’s more to life than this!”

If that resonates, can you imagine that the people who truly love you will be proud and happy for you as well?

Don’t wait any longer to begin. Start your journey today.

With love,

P.S. As Stacy, a WILL member and former big law partner said, “One in ten people might be a jerk (that’s about them anyway). ALL the others will congratulate you and ask you how you did it.”

She sends them to WILL.

Do you want to make a change you can be proud of? 

If yes, I believe WILL can help.

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How good would it feel to regain control of your time, career and life?

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