When I speak to women who are interested in leaving law, many of them tell me they no longer want that feeling of dread.

It is especially acute on Sunday nights. They want…

  • Work where they can plan a vacation, and actually take it. Without working!
  • More meaning and fulfillment in their lives.
  • To go to work with a smile on their face.

Do you feel this way sometimes too?

It’s not too much to ask.


You are allowed to make a change.

You don’t need anyone’s permission, only yours.


Here are three steps you can take to loosen the knot and begin to take action.

1. Take 3 deep breaths. Put up a Post-it note with the word BREATHE on it.

  • I love and recommend the Calm meditation app. When it opens it reminds me to “take a deep breath

2. Go for a walk. No matter what the weather, put down what you are doing, plug in your favorite podcast or music and get out into the fresh air

  • Podcasts to inspire you: The Happy Lawyer Podcast – current lawyer Okeoma Moronu
  • Lessons from a Quitter – former lawyer, entrepreneur and podcaster, Goli is going to be a guest speaker during WILL member Office Hours. So excited!
  • When to Jump –

3. Daydream!

Imagine the day that you leave. Your boxes are packed, your plant tucked away, your bulletin board clear.

A WILL member who imagined her work email vanishing from her cell phone. Whoosh. Gone.

Envisioning our desires is powerful. So have at it!


From the amazing and recently departed poet, Mary Oliver.


Tell me, what is it you plan to do. With your one wild and precious life?


I’d love to hear what it is you desire.

Are you ready to gain clarity and freedom? Start with your FREE copy of. . .  

11 Resources to Help You Leave (big) Law for a Life That You LOVE!


  • Stories of lawyers who’ve made their move
  • Podcasts that unlock a world of possibilities
  • Courage, tools and communities to bolster you

How good would it feel to regain control of your time, career and life?

Can I tell you something I’ve learned this past year?

Many of my clients stay lawyers.

About half of them go in-house, and the other half are doing something else entirely.

Some are starting their own firm’s or businesses. One is doing both.

They continue to do contract work for their firms, or cut the ties altogether.

Even if they are doing something more enterprising, they often choose to maintain their license and stay up to date on CLEs.


There is no one right path for everyone.

Can you imagine if there was?

Wouldn’t that be a crowded and boring road?


You will always be a lawyer. All you’ve invested in yourself is NEVER LOST.

Your skills, your ability to review contracts and negotiate – these comes in handy no matter what you are doing!

That’s the good news and the bad news. The decision sits with you.

I am on a mission to end the suffering of women attorneys who feel stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled.


WILL provides the structure, guidance and support. You invest in yourself, you make the time and you are supported every step of the way.

After you take the steps above, and you want to go a step further. Help is here.

Join the dozens of other women who are making this change, who are reclaiming their lives. You can do this too.


Let’s make this the year you get started. It’s going to be fun!


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