This past Sunday night, we wrapped up the WILL Sprint.  From October till December I facilitated a weekly group call with women who want to leave the law.

Nine women participated from around the country – California, Nevada, Texas, Philadelphia, DC and NYC.  Some have been working with me in WILL for a while. Others just joined.

We had junior associates and women on the brink of partner. They ranged in years of practice from two to 20.

They each decided to care more for themselves than their firms.


Salty language, celebrations, and support to overcome challenges flowed freely. They shared cheers between calls, podcasts, song recommendations, and a hilarious scene “Don’t be a lawyer,” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Four guest speakers joined us.  Each does a different kind of work – from photography to grantmaking for a bank, legal tech and helping lawyers build their own lucrative firms.  The speakers shared their stories and suggestions with honesty and compassion.

Results from WILL Sprint participants during the 8 weeks:

    • Two women gave notice at their firms!
    • One negotiated a reduced schedule
    • One got a job offer
    • A novel was started
    • Hours and hours of meditation were logged
    • Journal pages filled
    • Friendships began
    • Dreams expanded and came to fruition

Sunday Sprint Results

After getting off the phone with a WILL Sprint member who gave notice, listen to what they offered her!

Participants said about WILL Sprint…

I loved you guys! It’s amazing to be able to be honest.  I don’t feel like I’m honest with people I work with. I’m never honest in how I feel about being a lawyer.   Having a dedicated group of cheerleaders was great! And that everybody wants the same things for themselves and everyone else on the call.

It’s rare to get that in your life. – Gina, Philadelphia


The pointers and support have been helpful.  Reflecting every week and seeing where we’ve been has moved me along.

It’s rare to have this kind of dynamic in the legal profession.  

– CC, New Jersey


I’m super grateful for the space Elena has created and all of you have supported.  I go through my life as ‘Mom’ and ‘Wife’ and very rarely do I get a space that is focused on me.  As a professional.

It’s been so wonderful to come back home.  To myself. Thank you for that.

– Angela, San Francisco


In the new year, I’ll incorporate suggestions on how to make it even better, and offer the WILL Sprint Q1 2019!!

If you are an attorney who wants to figure out “How can I leave my law job?” let’s chat!  The next Sprint might be great for you. Schedule a call here.


Your Opportunity This Week:

As we approach the end of the year, if you aren’t already, begin thinking about what you want this year.  Here are three questions to get you going!

The more specific you can be in your answers, the better.  Don’t just write “a new job”. What kind of work are you doing?  How does it make you feel?

  1. What do you want for this new year?
  2. Why do you want it?
  3. What are you willing to do to get it?

I invite you to sit down with these questions, your journal, and write, write, write!

I did this exercise recently and will do it again!

With so much gratitude to each of the women who participated in the Sunday Sprint – thank you!


If you want to sprint out of (big) law in 2019…schedule your consultation here.

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