I wanted to love A Star is Born.

The Barbara Streisand/Kris Kristofferson version is imprinted upon my heart. My mom took me when I was 10 years old. I spent countless hours listening to the record and memorizing every lyric. I recently watched it again (twice) before it went off Netflix.

I could not have been more excited for the reboot. A friend and I went at noon on opening day, got there early and scored good seats.

[Spoiler alert ahead!]

I walked out of the theater furious.

Director Bradley Cooper took a movie that could have been about a woman’s transformation into a creative force and instead focused on yet another man’s descent into mental illness, addiction and suicide.

He stole her final scene. Instead of letting her shine in the spotlight, he inserted a flashback that focused on his character.

Lady Gaga is amazing. The irony is, her star IS born from this movie because she that good.

Forgive me, I wanted to see HER story.

As we walked to the car, my friend asked me what I thought. A rant came spilling out.

How does this relate to being a woman attorney who wants more freedom and control in her career and life?


Many WILL members are pissed off.

Infuriated at the way a client speaks to them. Angry at a partner who berates them for making a typo. Furious that they are expected to drop weekend or vacation plans to be at the beck and call of the firm.

Plus, mad at themselves for staying and more.

We talked about anger during last week’s group Office Hours and I heard it loud and clear. Then I shared…


Anger is fuel.

Anger elevates us out of victim-hood. It can propel us from the depths of despair and self-pity.

When we replay over and over what happened or what we could have done differently….that keeps us stuck in a loop of self-blame.

If we don’t let it out, anger turned inward can become depression.


When we let anger out intentionally – it does not consume us but boosts us into action.

To find your next career…

To give yourself permission to create a life outside the billable hour…

Let your anger FUEL you up and out!


Here’s your challenge this week.

This isn’t about confronting anyone. When you have a few minutes alone, grab a pen and paper and answer these questions:

  • How does anger show up for you?
    • Many women cry, fume silently, or call a friend to tell them what happened. Notice how your anger comes out.
  • Who are you pissed off at?
    • Write down why you are angry at them.
  • Acknowledge your anger. Say it out loud, be physical – cry, walk, run, stomp around!


  • When done, let it go.
  • The past is over.
  • Drink water, take deep breaths and move on.
  • If you want help to fully let it go – try this forgiveness exercise.

Burn it up. Let the star inside you shine.

Want to take your anger and let it fuel YOU to get out of Big Law?

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