The women I speak with often went into law for a number of reasons. The top ones I hear are…

  • To do good in the world and help people.
  • Not sure what else they wanted to do.
  • A childhood idea they would be a lawyer, often fueled by TV and To Kill a Mockingbird.

When listening to them now, I hear this:

  • I didn’t go into this to make banks and companies even richer
  • I feel unfulfilled
  • I need time for my life
  • Existing is not the same as living.
  • I’ve been having crippling anxiety.
You are not alone. If you want to…

Take control of your time, energy and contributions from work that do not represent your values…

Begin on a path to truly making an impact in the world…

Create boundaries so you can focus on your mental health, well-being and happiness!

I work with clients all over the country. As C.D. in San Francisco said…

“I am open to leaving big law now and I have a vision for what that might look like. One of my big concerns would be waking up 10 years from now. I’d be unhappy if I was I’m still doing this job. I don’t want to be doing it just because of money or prestige.

This has given me the vision that I can make this change a reality. I believe that changing could bring me happiness.”

Why did you go to law school?  Tell me in the comments below.

If you are ready to make your way to a career that aligns with your skills, interests and values – let’s schedule a conversation.

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