A favorite article of mine, Manage Your, Energy not Your Time, by Tony Schwartz, has a couple of sentences that I try to remind myself of daily…

“What story am I telling myself?” And then,What other story can I tell myself?”

I have a client, who when we first started working together, told me that “If I died in my office no one would find me for weeks.”

That was the story he was telling himself. About how isolated and alone he was at work.

I remember leaning across the table at the Le Pain Quotidian where we met over lunch. I told him, “You can leave this job if you want to.”   “Really?” he asked.

Our work helped him get him on his way.  He did leave that job. He took a year off. He traveled. He wrote and produced a TV show with a friend.

He decided to get back into law and did some temporary work.

That lead to a full-time job at a global firm, but in an in-house roll.  Now he gets to leave at a reasonable hour every night and have dinner with his partner.

The story he’s telling himself about his time as an associate in big law firm is…

“If I did that, I can do anything.”

So… what’s a story you are telling yourself?   Then ask, “What’s another story I could tell myself?”

See what happens.


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