As a lawyer, you probably often define yourself by a noun. “I am a lawyer.”

This post is an exercise that gets you thinking about who you are, and what you want to do.  This will help stretch your curiosity about how you define yourself and what’s most important to you.

This exercise is part of what I do with clients in WILL Online – to help them get clarity about what pillars they want in their career.

Here is a sample of that for you…

Many of us identify ourselves by who we are as nouns.

For example, I am a…

  • Lawyer
  • Girlfriend
  • Daughter
  • Friend

Now, let’s mix that up with some verbs.  Write down things you like to do both professionally and personally.  Such as…

  • Write
  • Travel
  • Workout
  • Think strategically
  • Read historic fiction

Now let’s go beyond nouns and verbs… to adjectives.

This one is inspired by Marie Forleo, check her out if you want some more awesome career and life time.

But this question is this: HOW do you want to be in your life? Not who or what we do, HOW you want to be?

Some examples:

  • Kind
  • Helpful
  • Curious
  • High achieving

If you haven’t already… Write three lists for yourself.

  1. What are some nouns you currently define yourself by?
  2. Then what are some verbs, things really like to do?
  3. Finally add in those adjectives, how you want to be.

What insights does this trigger?

What does this make you more curious about?

How easy/challenging is it for you to do the things you like to do, and be the way you want to be in your current work?

Send me your thoughts and comments on this. I’d love to hear.


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