We are living in a time of more uncertainty than most of us have ever known.

As Donald Trump assembles his cabinet members, it’s hard for many Americans not to be scared.

I’m doing my darnedest to maintain some calm and equanimity.

Here are some things I am doing.  I write as a reminder to myself, and hopefully bring you comfort too.

  1. Monitor what you consume.

I’m talking food, alcohol, drugs.

I’m also talking about conversations and media. Including the news, and Facebook.

Mind what you take in. Limit your intake if it’s making you anxious, overwhelmed or spiral down a deep, dark rabbit hole.

  1. Do what feels good.

Work out. Go to yoga class. Go for a walk in the park.

Put on music that makes you feel good walk around the block.

Get some air and get moving.

  1. Hug someone.
  1. Connect with others.

Since the election, I’ve gone to two interfaith services, my own religious services and political organizing meetings.

It makes me feel less alone.

  1. Give.

Giving is evidence-based way to make you feel better.

Give your time. Give your money. Seek opportunities to get involved or volunteer.

Legal skills are needed now more than ever. I went to a house party recently for a local immigrant rights coalition.

The executive director said pro bono attorneys are needed all over the country.

Google the nearest immigrant, environment, women’s or other issue that you care about organizations in your community.  They can put your legal thinking, writing and tenacity to work.

Two final thoughts…

  1. Be kind.

Give your seat to someone else on the subway.

Make eye contact with someone wearing a headscarf and smile.

Hold the door for someone with an armful of bags.

Observe kindness and let it sink into your heart.

  1. Control what you can control.

That’s really my bottom line. All the above steps are things that you can control.

If you want this year to be the year you leave big law, don’t let whomever is in the White House stop you.

You CAN land a new job that is right for you.

That is within your control.


If you are a lawyer who wants more freedom, autonomy, and clarity about your next career steps, I would love to see if I could help you. Please reach out here.


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