Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law – Online course!

You are exhausted and disillusioned.  You don’t want to work 80+ hour indefinitely.

You know in your heart you want more time for your family, friends and relationships.  You want work that is better fit for your life overall.

I created WILL Online for associates like you – women with amazing skills, knowledge and grit – who are ready to put the past behind them and make a new choice. To take action.   And I’ll be there beside you all along the way.

WILL Online is self-paced & delivered in bite sized segments.

You get to control when you jump into each module.

If you get swamped at work, the modules will be waiting for you.

There is no being behind.

The course leads you step-by-step to:

  • Build your confidence and resolve
  • Develop clarity in what you DO WANT
  • Take action towards the career you desire
  • Community to support and cheer you on

I would recommend Elena to colleagues without hesitation!   THANK YOU Elena for everything!!

Any associates in big firms who may have doubts about whether to stay long-term or what to do next could greatly benefit from Elena’s help too.

C., former senior associate, now in-house at a start-up

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