4 Steps to Escape from (big) Law

This 10-page playbook shares the 4 steps to make your departure from big law

quicker and easier than you currently think possible.

  • 3 mindset flips to see new possibilities immediately
  • Claim your true values, talents and desires
  • Discover the ONE key to landing your new role
  • Overcome fear of going broke
  • Create a cash cushion to pad your landing 

Elena F. Deutsch, MPH is the Founder & CEO of WILL – Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law.  She helps attorneys become clear on what they want next, kick inner nay-sayers out of the driver’s seat, and take action on their dreams.  Her clients go in-house or do something else entirely!  WILL has been featured in The American Lawyer, Bloomberg Big Law Business, Above the Law, and more.

Find her at www.womeninterestedinleavinglaw.com or Twitter @elenaatwork.