Women Interested in Leaving big Law

Begin on YOUR path, out of big law, even if you are scared and don’t know what to do next.

Are you female associate who wants out of big law?

  • You take recruiter calls, but what they are selling sounds too similar. You’d rather stay with “the devil you know.”
  • You don’t want to disappoint a partner or mentor who’s invested in you.
  • You don’t want anyone to think you “can’t hack it.”
  • Not sure what to do instead?

If You Want More Say Over Your Time, Life and Career…

Join WILL Online

  Life changing program: self-paced learning + live group sessions + 1-1 coaching.

By participating in WILL, you can…

  • Break the inertia: Never have to complain to family and friends about the long hours and how miserable you are.
  • Quiet the inner voices: Make decisions from a place of resolve and wisdom.
  • Gain clarity: Focus YOUR job search.
  • Control your career and destiny: Never have to schlep a dossier of files on vacation or miss life events because you had to be in the office.

By the end, you will KNOW what you want and be INSPIRED about your possibilities and take ACTION to move out of big law.

You will end the course with:

  • Tools to refocus on your priorities, not fears
  • Precise knowledge about your unique strengths
  • Excitement about interests to pursue
  • A clear vision that gives you goosebumps and traction

“I end the course feeling more confident about the reasons why I don’t like working in law.  Before, I wasn’t able to articulate why I didn’t like it.  I was self-conscious, or thought ‘I’m not tough enough’, I had doubts and wondered if I am quitting on something.  Now I focus on the key reasons why this atmosphere is not good for me.  I feel okay with that instead of constantly questioning it.  My questions now are practical – more about the next steps and, less of the decision whether to leave big law or not.” 


Mid-Level Associate, Minneapolis

I want you to forgive yourself.

It’s hard to do something you’ve never done before all on your own.

Especially this.

I created WILL for associates with amazing skills, knowledge, and grit – who are ready to put the past behind them and make a new choice. 

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Elena Deutsch.

As a leadership and career coach, I’ve worked with executives, women growing their leadership skills and lawyers wanting to transition out of big firms.  For ten years, I’ve always had lawyer clients, either private pay or through firms.

Last summer, two clients, both women senior associates, had remarkable breakthroughs.  After deciding they did not want to try and make partner, both landed jobs in exciting start-ups.

Let me tell you about one of them…

I was hired by her firm to do leadership coaching.  Together, we had a tough conversation with her sponsoring partner.

Overall, she was doing great but he told her the perception was she took too much vacation and left her team in the lurch for a family visit in Europe.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  She knew it wasn’t true, but hearing this helped her decide to leave.

I took her through my EASE process and she developed tremendous clarity.  She uncovered that she wanted to go in-house at a start-up.  Traveling home for family visits was a life priority and would always be a challenge at the firm.  Her ideal job had “unlimited vacation days”.  

When she said that, I swear I got goosebumps.

Then, she went for it.  Within a month, she was interviewing at a NY based start-up.  Yes, she’s in her dream position and she has unlimited vacation days.

I still get chills thinking about it.

After this experience and speaking with dozens of lawyers and professional development leaders at big firms, I know that she’s not alone.

You are not alone either.

Many women associates want out of big law and don’t know where to turn.

To be honest, for years I’ve wanted to create a career transformation program for lawyers.

But after this experience, something ignited in me.

I was on vacation with my family in Cape Cod.  Early every morning this idea woke me up.  I literally felt it shaking me out of bed.

I got up at 5:30 a.m. to write and the name WILL – Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law – came to me.

I’ve taken online courses that have transformed my life and my business.  I created this virtual course for women associates who want out of big law.

With WILL, you can learn privately and remotely while getting support from me and others going through the same thing.  (And be anonymous if you choose.  More on that below…)

I am so EXCITED to bring you this course!

Ready to hear more…?

So how does it work?

WILL Online includes:

  • Six self-paced video modules, with short bite-sized lessons you can fit into your schedule
  • StrengthsFinder Assessment
  • Two one-hour private coaching sessions
  • Bonus content you can access immediately
  • Eight weekly love Office Hour calls
  • Small group of up to 20 women


The way StrengthsFinder might suggest another career is a great starting point. It gets you thinking about yourself outside of law–your strengths and how those might be applied to other work. For me, someone who wants to pursue an alternative career, it helped me to think about –‘What are my skills? What do I want? What careers are a good match for my skills and interests?’”

San Francisco

Live Office House we will meet via Zoom conference call. You can participate live, yet be totally anonymous if you want. All calls will be recorded if you can’t attend. You can also submit questions ahead of time if you can’t make it and listen later.

PLUS – I am so excited to get this going and committed to your success that I am including 2 private 1-1 coaching sessions, an hour each.  They will be held at the beginning and mid-point of the course.

Here’s the Overview:

WILL Online takes you, step-by-step to begin your career transformation: 

Welcome & Foundation: Overview

Module 1: Mindset Matters

Module 2: Panning for Gold, Part 1

Module 3: Panning for Gold, Part 2

Module 4: Your Appealing Possibilities

Module 5: Study & Research

Module 6: Engage in Action

I recognize now the importance of knowing your strengths and interests and zeroing in to make a career out of that – as opposed to trying and fit yourself into a certain mold. If I hadn’t taken your course, I would probably be applying to just anything.”


Senior Associate, Washington D.C.

We start with mindset  

Every lawyer I’ve worked with has an inner skeptic, critic and judge.
In these Modules, we will say hello to those inner players.

You will learn to address them and develop a mindset open to greater possibility.

You will also meet the courageous ones inside, who are ready to burst out.

Each week, I give you a new Mindset Matters tool because these are critical to your success.

I’ve seen career transformation fail when client’s inner fears drive, instead of taking a backseat. 

“I really like the mindfulness component. I’ve been on a big personal journey this past year, and delving deeper into mindfulness is especially important for people in our profession. We tend to be type A, perfectionists and carry a lot of anxiety. I like that the course carries mindfulness. Using your attention to help fuel you.”


Senior Associate, Washington D.C..


I take you into my signature EASE process.  Who doesn’t need more EASE in their life?

  • Elements (skills, interests, values)
  • Appealing possibilities
  • Study – Research your top possibilities
  • Engage others – Network and share your story

I don’t know where this adventure will take you, but I trust the process.  I’ve seen it work for others.  It will work for you too.  Your adventure awaits…

Here’s what WILL participants have said:

I am much more open to leaving big law now that I have a vision for what that might look like – both in terms of the next steps that appeal to me and what the timeline would be.  One of my big concerns would be waking up 10 years from now.  I’d be unhappy if I was I’m still doing this job.  I don’t want to be doing it just because of money or prestige. This program has given me the vision to see that I can make this change a reality. I believe that changing careers could bring me greater happiness compared to what I’m doing now.


Associate, San Francisco

The cost of the pilot is… $1497

This includes everything:

  • Online self-paced lessons with resources and worksheets
  • Two hours of 1-1 coaching
  • StrengthsFinder assessment
  • Office Hours with guest speakers
  • And much more

Plus, I’ll take you step-by-step through my signature EASE career transformation process.

Once you become a member of the WILL community, you will have lifetime access to this course – including any upgrades and additional bonuses.

Sounds good?

My hunch is you need more information.

Here’s a detailed overview. . .

Individual Coaching

Get to know you & review your StrengthsFinder assessment

Welcome  &  Foundations

Personal Commitment & Confidentiality

Career EASE Process

Foundational Harvard Business Review article

Module 1

EASE Into It & Mindset Matters

Limiting & Expansive Beliefs

Mindset Matters – Inner Critic

StrengthsFinder Assessment

Module 2

Panning for Gold Pt 1

Ideal Day Meditation

Elements – Skills, Interests, and Values

Mindset Matters – What Story?

Module 3

Panning for Gold Pt 2


What are your Values?

Mindset Matters – Lenses

Individual Coaching

Your Unique SIVS
(Skills, Interests, Values & Sticky Details)

Module 4

Appealing Possibilities

Paths and Brainstorm Party

Mind Mapping

Prioritization Exercise

Mindset Matters Tool 4 – Inner Mentor

Module 5

Study & Research

Study/Research Tips

Networking & Informational Interviewing

Module 6

Engage in Action!

Goal Setting

Action Planning

Ideal Day

Your Next Steps

Sound good?  Ready to get going?

But wait, there’s more…!


In addition to the online video lessons you will also get:

Weekly Office Hours

  • Each Sunday night the course from 8 – 9:30 pm ET. Bring your insights, challenges and stories to the call. Join for part or all as you can.
  • Voluntary live coaching
  • Confidential community building environment. You can be anonymous if you choose.
  • Calls recorded – if you can’t make it, listen later.
  • Guest speakers! During some of the Office Hours, women who’ve successfully left big law will come share their stories.

Lifetime Access

WILL members get lifetime access to the course.  After I move forward with upgrades and additional bonuses, you continue to benefit.  After this initial pricing, the cost to join WILL will go up.

But you can continue to be part of WILL for no additional cost.

Confidentiality Agreement

Before joining WILL, everyone will agree to maintain the confidentiality of others in the group.

One-on-One Coaching

The course itself can provide tremendous results.
But I am so committed to your success, I am including 2 private one-hour coaching sessions.

The coaching is your chance to go deeper into your own transformation and is a vital part of the course.

    “The 1-1 sessions were really great. Getting to work through materials even more on a personal basis with Elena was tremendously helpful.”


    Associate, Minneapolis

    Secret Facebook Group

    I’ve taken a number of online courses that have private Facebook groups.

    At first, I was skeptical.

    But in these groups, I have witnessed and experienced tremendous support, resource sharing, generosity and community.  I’ve even made some friends.

    Our WILL FB group is a place to get support, build community, network and share successes.  It’s a place to give and receive generously.

    Only women who are in the WILL community will be able to see who the members are. No WILL photos of you will appear elsewhere on Facebook.

    Mindset Matters

    In the course, you will get unique Mindset Matters tools tailored for female attorneys

    I will be adding additional tools as the course evolves.
    These are critical to your success. 

    So, are you ready? Do you want to…

    • Schedule a vacation that you can actually take without working?
    • Have clarity about how you want to spend your days?
    • Not be tethered to the office?
    • Be done fearing that you will be reprimanded for typo or small mistake?

    Here is what some past clients have said about working with me…

    Any associates in big firms who may have doubts about whether to stay long-term or what to do next could greatly benefit from Elena’s help.

    I would recommend Elena to colleagues without hesitation!   THANK YOU Elena for everything!!

    C., former senior associate, now in-house at a start-up

    I appreciated the openness of Elena’s approach. I learned so much about myself and my professional needs. I am absolutely thrilled about where I am and enjoy going to work every day.

    Lindsay, former senior associate, now at a Fortune 500 company

    I’m so Committed to Your Success, That I Offer a Money Back Guarantee…

    Participating in the WILL Pilot is an investment that has the potential to change your life.

    But it won’t happen without your genuine input and effort.

    You have to do the work.

    That said, if you participate in the sessions, coaching and do all the assignments, and at the end of the pilot you are not satisfied, I will happily refund your money.


    How big will the group be?

    The first round of WILL Online will be small, kept to 20 women, maximum.

    How much does it cost?

    For this WILL Online group, the cost will be $1497 per person. This includes a lot of 1-1 time and access to me during the course. 

    I am committed to your success and want you to maximize your time through the coaching, Office Hours and Facebook group.

    After this initial round, the price will go up.

    What if it doesn’t work for me?

    It depends on how you define work… ultimately that is up to you. 

    At the end, you will know yourself far better, identify your top skills, interests and values, have target priorities and be on your way to moving out of firm life.

    If it does all that, would you consider that working for you?

    Again… if you do all the work and put in a truly good faith effort, but don’t feel you’ve gotten value, just send me your materials and I’d be happy to refund your money.

    I suspect this question may be coming from your inner skeptic.  In the WILL Pilot, you will learn to know this voice and manage it.

    Fear of failure is totally normal, but ask yourself, what is scarier…taking steps to leave, or staying?

    Can I keep my identity a secret?

    Of course, you can be anonymous if you want during this course. You can sign into Zoom with an alias. I know this is important for some participants.

    Of course, that is optional, and I hope you will share to your comfort level.

    Also, to participate everyone will sign and return a Confidentiality Agreement in the Personal Commitments form.  It is not a legal document, but a statement of intent to maintain the confidentiality of others, as you would want them to hold yours.

    Plus, we want to build community and break isolation in the Office Hours and Facebook group – so you can keep your identity a secret, but beginning to talk to people about WHAT YOU WANT is an outcome of the course. You get to practice that in the FB group and Office Hours.

    I really don’t know if I have the time. What if I fall behind?

    All the live sessions will be recorded.  If you can’t make it you can watch the recording and access support in the Office Hours.

    I am a 1st or 2nd year associate. Is this for me?

    Great question.  Glad you are here and looking at this.

    Around the 3rd year, associate have a deep internal knowledge of whether or not they want to be in big law for the long haul.

    While mid-level and senior associates typically have more years of loans paid off. While compensation at a new job is important, when the financial pressure is lower, women are more able to make decisions based on their true desires, rather than financial needs. 

    Doing SOMETHING to get ready to leave big law can provide a sense of purpose that makes the daily grind more bearable. You can also use the continued time in big law to acquire skills and experiences (both in the firm and outside by taking classes, volunteer roles, etc.).

    It’s really up to you.  Be honest with yourself about your financial situation and how badly you want to begin setting yourself up for a change. Reach out to us at support@womeninterestedinleavinglaw.com if you’d like to discuss.

    What if I may want to stay in big law?

    You may take this course and choose to stay. Many women I work with are seriously on the partner track.  I actively support female attorneys who want to make partner when that is clearly their objective.

    Two benefits of taking this course:

    1. You will stand in certainty of what you DO want. You will be CHOOSING to make partner, not doing it by default.
    2. You will develop leadership tools and skills.  Whether you stay in big law or choose to leave, you will know yourself better and that can help you lead and manage teams.

    “I would definitely recommend WILL. It provides a framework to understand yourself far better, not just for this transition, but moving forward in your life.

    My tendency was to put myself in a situation that presented itself to me. That’s what I am used to – fitting myself into an opportunity. But now, if it doesn’t meet x, y and z criteria, why would I shove myself into that situation?   I’m feeling picky!”


    Associate, Minneapolis

    Ready to Say “YES” to More Freedom and Agency in Your Life?

    Stand in the certainty of what you do want.

    To recap, here’s what you get when you enroll in WILL Online:

    • Focused energy on discovering what YOU want next in your life
    • Supportive community of other women going through the same work to cheer you on
    • Self-paced learning in short bite-sized nuggets.
    • 1-1 coaching and your personalized StrengthsFinder assessment
    • Mindset Matterstools for female lawyers to quell your inner fears.
    • Office hours for live additional support and
    • Surprise guest speakers – women who have successfully left big law.
    • Bonuses! And more…

    Space is limited in this first round of WILL Online. 

    The price will go up in the next iteration and I can’t promise as much 1-1 and group support in future rounds.

    Office Hours start October 1st. You can join later, but to get a jumpstart and maximize number of Office Hours, start now.

    If you are feeling a “YES”, let’s do this!

    Sign up now and let’s get started! 

    As soon as you enroll…we can get started on your assessment & schedule your first coaching call.

    I look forward to being with you every step of the way.


    P.S.  If part of you is saying “Yes” and those fear voices are saying, “Oh….I don’t know. I don’t think this is a good idea.”

    Ask your heart, not just your head, what it wants.

    “People like me, can benefit from a framework. When you pay for it, you carve out the time. I’m going to put this money down and do it. Keeps you accountable. If you are searching for the way out, WILL can help you do the deeper introspection.    

    I would recommend it for people who want to leave, are stuck, and don’t know what to do next… those are the people who would benefit.”


    Senior Associate, San Francisco