Is growing up doing the “responsible thing” or is it following a dream?
Slated to sweep the Oscars this year is the movie La La Land, which I LOVED.
A central question is, what does it mean to grow up? Is following your dreams, even if it means living in a dingy apartment with water stained ceilings, better than making steady money but selling your soul?
Seth Godin, a modern marketing marvel, wrote in one of my favorite books of 2016, What to do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn):
“Embracing the fear of freedom, deciding to determine your own path, that is the work of a grown up, of someone who can identify what truly matters.
Being a grown up has nothing to do with how old you are – it’s a choice.”
From a kid’s perspective – grownups are kids in bigger bodies. Their bodies have “grown up” but inside, do they still have childlike curiosity? Wonder? Dreams?
Yes, the movie asks this question and answers it.
(Spoiler alert…) The characters follow their dreams and succeed.
Isn’t that on some level what we all want?

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